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MWA LogoThe 3-Month Simplified Weight Loss Program You can Live with for Life!

Includes BONUS 21 Day Challenge for Fast Results

My Weight Loss Academy™ is an online program that simplifies what you need to know so you not only lose weight but understand how to keep it off for life!

Join the thousands who live an energetic life at a healthy weight!

My Weight Loss Academy™ Program Includes:

MWLA ipad cover (1)My Weight Loss Academy™ digital program. Includes immediate access to 14 modules of training (written material, videos & PDF action guides) conveniently available via your online membership site (access to all materials available for 4 months and downloadable for continued use). You can move at your own pace or follow the step-by-step program instructions you will receive each week/month via e-mail for accountability and easy to follow guidance.

BONUS 21 Day Challenge  Your Weight Loss Plan for a Lifetime of Success. Change Your Habits…Change Your Life – one day at a time. This easy to follow, day by day guide shows you how.  Accept the challenge and feel the difference!

BONUS 6 month Losing Weight USA membership. Puts you on the fast track to quicker results and provides direct access to one of the most experienced bariatric surgeons and bariatricians in the United States! Dr. Clark’s interactive weekly live webinars cover topics filled with information on how to increase your weight loss efforts. Be ready with your questions…he has answers! Each week also brings you new tip sheets, recipes and fitness ideas.  Visit for full details.

BONUS Easy to Use Meal Planning & Journaling Templates (PDF)

BONUS Online Healthy Recipe Book (PDF)

BONUS Carbohydrate Counter Tool (PDF) Remove the mystery of counting carbs!

BONUS Weekly Lifestyle & Behavior Modification “How To” Classes. Learn not only what to do, but more importantly ‘how to do it’ with these proven strategies.

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In addition to the modules below and the many bonuses already included, your membership site is filled with fitness tips/videos, tasty recipes and inspiration to keep you motivated. Your weight loss success at your fingertips!

Core Modules Includes 14 Chapters, Videos and Accompanying Action Guides (PDF)

Welcome to My Weight Loss Academy™. Dr. Clark shows you how the program works and tips for how to make the most of your “last” weight loss program for results that will last.

Module 1. Getting Started: Motivation happens with quick results. This module shows you how to maximize your investment with quick implementation and weight loss to keep you going. Learn what you can begin today and the top thing you need to focus on – no need to feel overwhelmed.

Module 2. Accountability: Setting up an accountability plan keeps you on track now and over time is critical to your success. This module shows you how without overwhelming you.

Module 3. How to Get Results: Arguably the most important module in this program. You will learn how to do the simple math to determine your optimal eating plan. You will also learn the difference between “eating healthy” and “eating healthy to lose weight”. Weight loss doesn’t have to be complicated. Eating healthy made easy for you!

Module 4. What Counts & What to Count? This module teaches you what really counts when it comes to what you are eating. You will learn what you need to count for optimal success without overwhelming you with unnecessary tracking you don’t need to worry about. Includes your 1, 2, 3 plan that simplifies not only what you need to eat but how to stay satisfied.

Module 5. Vitamin & Meal Replacements: No need for confusion when it comes to the many vitamins and supplements available. This module clarifies what you need for optimal results. You will look and feel your best!

Module 6. Fitness that Works for You: Fitness that begins at your level. This module teaches you what you may not know about exercise and how to make it an enjoyable part of your routine.

Module 7. Eating In/Eating Out: This module makes eating in and eating out a breeze. You will learn how to make your healthy choices with ease – no need to stress here!

Module 8. Carbohydrates: The good, the bad, and the ugly is simplified for you when it comes to eating carbohydrates. This module includes the information you must know for best results

Module 9. Stress…less: Stress – we all have it. You will learn how stress affects your body and your ability to lose weight. It also shows you the best ways to conquer your stress!

Module 10. Protein: Protein is a misunderstood macronutrient. This module gives you the skinny on protein, staying satisfied and building the metabolism you desire.

Module 11. The Most Important Exercise: You will finally learn the fitness side of building your ideal metabolism – for weight loss and long term weight management. Don’t miss this one!

Module 12. What about Fat? Fat is another very misunderstood macronutrient. You don’t have to live in fear – learn what you do and don’t want to eat when it comes to fat choices. Fat isn’t necessarily making you fat!

Module 13. How to conquer your saboteurs! Saboteurs seem to be everywhere…especially if the saboteur is you! This module provides you with concrete advice on how to not only identify the saboteur people/situations in your life but how to overcome this negativity that can (and will) prevent you from your ultimate success as well.

Module 14. Where do I go from here? You have lost weight, your blood sugar is under control, your activity has improved (and you actually look forward to it), your lean body mass is higher – don’t lose your momentum – this module continues your plan for long-term success. No more yo-yo dieting for you!

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