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 Gastric Sleeve with Dr. Thomas W. Clark

 Newport News, Hampton Roads, Virginia


Hoffman, Rhonda“I don’t have my old life back…I have a better life” – Rhonda lives in Hampton Roads and has lost 90 lbs over the past 10 months with Gastric Sleeve.

“With Dr. Thomas Clark and his team of experts, all of your questions are answered and you are on your way to living the healthy life you have dreamed of very quickly. You not only have gastric sleeve surgery, but through their exclusive Weight Mangement University for Surgery curriculum, you learn how to use your new tool properly for the best weight loss and get the skills to keep it off for good! Dr. Thomas W. Clark is the best surgeon and this is the best weight loss surgery program you will find anywhere!

The gastric sleeve (or sleeve gastrectomy) performed in Hampton Roads by Dr. Thomas W. Clark is a newer weight loss procedure that offers an excellent alternative to both the gastric bypass and the adjustable gastric banding.  Because anatomy remains normal, this procedure can be considered for people with less weight to lose (50-60 lbs overweight).

During the procedure a small “sleeve-shaped” stomach is created.  Approximately 75% of the “stretchy” portion of the stomach is removed.  This also removes the portion of the stomach that makes the hormone ghrelin.  Ghrelin is a hormone that tends to make you feel hungry.  The remaining “sleeve” of stomach is about the size and shape of a small banana. 

This procedure tends to work due to 2 major reasons:

1.    You have a much smaller stomach and will feel full with eating only a small amount.

2.    There is a decrease in the hormone ghrelin so that hunger is much better controlled.

Below are some important facts about the Gastric Sleeve for Weight Loss Surgery in Hampton Roads.  If you desire further information about our comprehensive Weight Loss Surgery options, please give us a call at (757) 873-1880.  

sleeve Gastrectomy 
Important Facts About Gastric Sleeve

  • The portion of the stomach that produces ghrelin (a hormone that stimulates hunger) is removed.
  • The stomach is reduced in volume, but otherwise tends to function normally.
  • No “Dumping Syndrome” since the pylorus is preserved.
  • No intestine is bypassed so there is little chance of nutritional deficiencies.
  • No implanted device that requires adjusting.
  • Weight loss over 1 year is approximately 60-65% of excess body weight.
  • Procedure is performed laparoscopically most of the time.
  • Usually just an overnight stay.
  • Lowest cost surgery (<$14,000) for those not using insurance.



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