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Keys to Successful Weight Loss and Long-Term Weight Control


How to make the most of your weight loss program

You want to remain as motivated as the day you begin your new weight loss journey. Here are 6 key strategies to make your journey a success. These strategies lead you to a lifetime of healthy behaviors so you can keep your weight off for good!

  1. Commit to actively participating in your Center for Weight Loss Success program and all the center has to offer – on-site or online – we can accommodate the busiest of schedules.
  2. Get to know your professional staff. Make your health a priority in your life and be sure to work with the counseling staff to map out your journey right from the beginning. Commit to keeping your appointments. Remember they can be completed on-site, or via the phone or telehealth. They will help you overcome your barriers to weight loss success.
  3. You have a lifetime of learned behaviors and habits. You will need to change some things. Change is hard. Thrive on the knowledge you will gain through the Weight Management University™ or My Weight Loss Academy™ curriculum. We will challenge you, keep you accountable, support you and cheer you on. Prepare yourself mentally for a journey of self-discovery. Prepare yourself for small mistakes (it takes baby steps before we walk and eventually run) and don’t let them get you down.
  4. Use the “Membership Site”  every day. It gives you access to a weight loss graph, food journal, your Weight Management University™ and My Weight Loss Academy™ educational materials, your weight loss professionals, recipes and so much more!
  5. Ask questions. You are going to learn so much about your health, what to eat, how to integrate healthy behaviors and how to actually enjoy fitness – ask questions if you do not understand anything you are learning.
  6. Have fun! Life is what you do minute to minute and day to day. Enjoy your successes along the way.

New behaviors will take time. Be patient and keep your short and long term goals in mind. You will get there. Once your new behaviors become habits, you can say “I never need to worry about weight again”.