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Newport News doctor performs the first outpatient sleeve gastrectomy in Hampton Roads

Dr. Thomas Clark…last year performed the region’s first sleeve gastrectomy as an outpatient procedure

Newport News couple loses 320 pounds after weight-loss surgery

Dr. Thomas Clark performed weight-loss surgery on Donnell and Paris Harris one year ago

Dr. Clark’s Center for Weight Loss Success: Everything you need to lose weight safely

An article posted in the Oyster Pointer



The Center for Weight Loss Success, a comprehensive weight management facility focusing on dietary counseling, behavior modification, and exercise physiology in Newport News, Virginia, recently launched their new revolutionary website.  One of the first websites of its kind in the region it provides patients with a genuine “in person” office experience from the comfort of their own home. Online patients can easily order vitamins and nutritional supplements from the eStore, schedule an appointment and listen to exciting, informative podcasts created by the expert staff. Click here to read more.


FITNESS, DIET CENTER ALL IN ONE: LIFE-FIXING STRATEGIESFeel like you’ve tried every diet or exercise program in town? Now there’s one more — but this one will combine medical supervision, nutrition, fitness and behavioral counseling outside a healthcare setting. A new local weight loss program–the Center for Metabolic Health, headed by Dr. Thomas Clark–aims to be a one-stop shop for good diet, fitness and mental health. Click here to read more.

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At the Center for for Weight Loss Success, “dreams” are not just a nightly occurance. In fact, dreams is an acronym used help guide clients during their one-on-one sessions at the center where they are taught not “what” they need to become healthy but “how.” Dr. Tom Clark and his team of experts use the DREAMS motto as a philosophical centerpiece that encourages overweight and unhealthy clients to make the necessary long-term changes in their lives. Click here to read more.

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PERMANENT RESOLUTION: SEVERAL WEIGHT LOSS CENTERS PROVIDE PROFESSIONAL HELP  If you’re looking to employ the help of professionals to assist in weight loss, Dr. Thomas Clark operates another option in the Newport News area—the Center for Weight Loss Success. The center guides adolescents, adults and families through their health history and medical exams, body composition analysis, individualized counseling and personal training to help them achieve weight loss. Click here to read more.>>

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