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Dr. Clark’s Jump Start Diets

Dr. Clark has developed 6 Jump Start plans to suit your needs: the “Jump Start” plan, “Mini Jump Start” plan, “Quick Fix” plan, “2 Weeks to Wow” plan, “Ultra Low Carb Jump Start” plan, and “Ultra Low Carb Mini Jump Start”  All plans are 2 weeks in length and will give you immediate results. They are designed to insure retention of lean body mass and satiety. Click on each diet for details…

Dr. Clark’s Jump Start Plan

Dr. Clark’s Mini Jump Start Plan

Dr. Clark’s Ultra Low Carb Jump Start Plan

Dr. Clark’s Ultra Low Carb Mini Jump Start Plan

How Can Dr. Clark’s “Jump Start” Plans Help Me?

Dr. Clark designed his “Jump Start” plans primarily to boost weight loss before beginning a formal weight loss program. It is a great way to start weight loss efforts before experiencing other weight loss programs because it is healthy, quick and easy, convenient and motivating (lose 5-25 lbs).

❶ The Jump Starts can be all supplement or supplement and food. The all-supplement diets replace all of your meals with 5 protein shakes each day (Jump Start and Ultra Low Jump Start). The supplement and food diets guide you on how to use supplements and food (Mini Jump Start, Ultra Low Mini Jump Start, & Quick Fix). These diets can be use consecutively to continue your weight loss. The first plans involve Weight and Inches shakes and come in two flavors, chocolate and vanilla, and provide all the protein that you need to insure retention of lean body mass and fullness. The Ultra-Low Carb diets involve the 8 flavors of pudding and shakes; chocolate, vanilla, banana, strawberry, chocolate mint, dark chocolate, chocolate hazelnut, and mocha.

❷ These diets have very low total calories so they can also be used to help break through a plateau. They can also detoxify the body and act as an elimination diet to help sort out potential food allergies or intolerance.

❸ The “Jump Start” diets are very convenient because the shakes are simply mixed with water and ice and can be easily transported anywhere. It will take the guesswork out of meal planning and free up some time usually spent on meal preparation.

❹ The diets are very manageable for most people because it lasts only 2 weeks and that time frame makes it so much easier for commitment. As you notice quick results you will be highly motivated to see it through.

❺ Dr. Clark recommends that to get the most out of this plan you take a complete Multi-Vitamin, Essential Fatty Acids, Activated B-Complex and a Magnesium/Potassium supplement: The Essential Vitamin Pack ($55). If you tend to suffer from fatigue on a calorie restricted plan, you may also consider asking our staff about adding B Complex Capsules, available in the nutrition store.

❻ We recommend that you begin tracking food and fluid intake as well as daily exercise. We will want you to continue tracking throughout your weight loss journey to help you become more conscious of your food selections and intake – and to track your success!

❼ Once you have completed your 2 week plan there are a few things to take into consideration. With this plan you will lose both body fat and water so it is important that you learn what to eat after you complete the plan so that you don’t regain the weight that you’ve worked so hard at losing. The “After The Jump Start Guide” is available for $9.99. You also need to learn the behaviors that will ultimately help you to achieve a permanent lifestyle change.  Remember that the staff at CFWLS are here to answer any questions you may have and to support you every step of the way.

Best Practices for mixing the Weight & Inches Shakes and Pudding & Shakes: Blend or shake Weight & Inches protein mix with 12-14 oz. COLD water and 1 cup or more of ice. Add 0 carb flavorings as desired.