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Losing Weight USA

  • Do you want the latest information about how to lose weight quickly?
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Join the thousands of people who are serious about not only losing weight but keeping it off long-term.

Losing Weight USA

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Membership includes:
  • Access to a private membership site
  • Weekly webinars with Dr. Clark on various weight loss topics covering topics such as Improving Your Metabolism, Nutrition, Fitness, When to Use Appetite Suppressants, Vitamins, HCG, Weight Loss Myths and more…
  • Weekly podcasts including interviews with other health experts – listen while you are on the go – anywhere!
  • Weekly Weight Loss and Shopping Tips You Can Begin Right Away
  • Weekly Recipes the Entire Family will Love
  • Bonuses Listed Below and more…

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  • Free Report – Why Can’t I Lose Weight…and what to do about it!
  • Game Changers 4 Part Digital Weight Loss Plan including eBook and Action Guide

In this 4 part digital series, he will guide you through the exact action plan that he has used with thousands of clients. These are the strategies he teaches every day at the Center for Weight Loss Success. In this series…

  • How to find the true motivators behind your need to lose weight
  • How to set clear, specific weight loss goals that are attainable and motivating
  • The proper way to visualize your results
  • Why you need to construct an action plan to lose weight and why this alone can be the starting point to massive weight loss
  • Why exercise is getting you nowhere if you are not eating the “game changing” way
  • The 3 best sources for proteins
  • The one food group that is stopping you from losing weight no matter what diet or nutritional plan you are on
  • 2 fresh budgeting tips to start eating healthy on a budget
  • Why calorie counting might be a waste of time and what to do instead to start shedding pounds
  • 3 simple things to add to your daily routine to boost your metabolism and burn effective calories
  • What metabolism really is and why it is so impactful for your weight loss transformation
  • Why you need to skip the cardio and do this type of exercise instead if you really want to lose weight
  • Why skipping breakfast can be extremely harmful and actually make you gain weight
  • How understanding and manipulating your hormones control the keys to true weight loss and body transformation
  • The 3 core hormones that you have control over and how easy it is to make daily changes to impact them
  • The 2 ultimate things you MUST DO in your daily diet in order to maximize weight loss and have the body of your dreams!

Dr. Clark’s 4 part weight loss action plan truly is a “Game Changer” and is delivered as a multimedia, digital course designed to help you understand the challenges and opportunities, right in front of you, when managing your weight.
You will have instant digital access to:

  • 4 Interactive Videos that walk you through my entire “Change Your Game For Good Program” to watch online, or to download and play on your iPad or other video player
  • 4 MP3 files so you can learn these strategies on your iPod, in your car, at the gym, the office or anywhere else you listen to audio files
  • A complete, transcribed eBook so you can read along, take notes and take action when going through the materials
  • An action taking workbook so you not only learn my core business principles, but you also take action to get the results that you desire

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