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Weight Loss Surgery

At Dr. Clark’s Center for Weight Loss Success, we are making weight loss surgery in Virginia more effective and affordable just for you—even if you have no insurance coverage or you are frustrated with insurance processing requirements.

Weight loss surgery is a personal decision and one that you need to be discuss with an expert like Dr. Thomas W. Clark. Having performed over 6,000 weight loss procedures, Dr. Clark is one of the most experienced bariatric surgeons in the United States. He will clearly review the options to determine what surgery may be best for you. Because he is one of an elite few bariatric surgeons who is also board certified in bariatric medicine, he will follow your weight loss closely and provide all of the services necessary to not only lose weight but keep it off for good.

Weight loss surgery is one of many tools we use to help you lose weight. At Dr. Clark’s Center for Weight Loss Success we are not only committed to the highest quality surgical care, but also to your long term success. As a result, our comprehensive program is second to none in the nation and includes our exclusive Weight Management University for Weight Loss Surgery™ step-by-step pre-op and post-op educational program, habit modification classes (on-site or online) and fitness in a state-of-the-art facility that caters to people just like you.

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