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How Perfectionism Can Hinder Your Weight Loss

There is nothing wrong with dedication and self-discipline, especially when it comes to weight loss. Be sure, though, that you aren’t being too hard on yourself whenever an obstacle comes along or when you make a mistake. No one ever approaches a diet, a workout or a lifestyle change in an absolutely perfect manner. And on that note, no one’s efforts ever result in a 100% perfect body.

Stick to your plan. Hold yourself accountable. Do all that you can. But don’t be hard on yourself whenever things fall short of perfection. Here are a few tips to remember:

  • Perfectionism can cause you to hesitate. If your doubts are keeping you from acting upon your weight loss plan, you will never be able to benefit from it. Sometimes you just have to begin the process and refine it as you go.
  • Perfectionism can lead to giving up. Unreasonably high expectations can create the perspective that if you cannot reach certain goals in a particular way or time, you may as well not try at all.
  • Perfectionism can cause you to focus on the negative. Over the course of your weight loss, you will likely experience numerous accomplishments on a small scale. However, if you focus on the mistakes you’ve made, you will only see failure where there are actually small incremental successes.

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