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Keep it Simple…DeStress Your Next 10 Days

yoga_tree_poseIn a few days we’ll be celebrating Christmas! The abundance of special events and family visits  can add tremendous stress to your already busy life. Although there’s good and bad stress, your body doesn’t differentiate between the two. Therefore, it reacts similarly to all stress, taking a toll on your body in many ways including weight gain. The key is to enjoy what you can without creating more stress.

I would like to explore how to simplify life, delegate tasks, and leave out superfluous stuff; preventing added stress in the first place. Start by making yourself and your health a priority. Consider SIMPLIFYING your life by not taking on extra work at home or on the job. If you don’t have time to make that pumpkin pie for the school banquet, pick up one at the grocery store – no one will mind. Contemplate staying home instead of traveling.  And, less is more when it comes to holiday decorations.

Take-charge, type-A personalities struggle with the notion of DELEGATING tasks to others. It’s crucial for your mental and physical health to learn to let go and ask for assistance. Let the kids help decorate and cook.  It helps them feel involved and it allows you to re-charge your batteries.
Make a list and prioritize things. Try not to over-commit your time. My day is not complete without exercise. I look at it like a hobby. Exercise is a priority I absolutely can’t LEAVE OUT. Decide what you can safely leave out in order to reduce stress: a club function, a co-worker’s Pampered Chef party, luncheon with your buddies, school holiday play, etc…

We want you to start the new year feeling positive and confidant, as opposed to overwhelmed with stress. Simplify, delegate, and leave out the things that increase your stress. We appreciate and support all of you who have walked through our doors and wish you continued success in 2016! As most of you have heard me say many times, “Remember, it’s your life, make it a healthy one.”

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