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Mary Ann puts a HALT on her Fridge.

Well, week 2 is complete. I have diligently kept track of my food and exercise activity in my journal. I had high hopes for more weight loss-I didn’t weigh myself every day-but on Monday morning I was still at 169. Argggghhh!

I must confess, I ate a cup of ice cream and 2 oreo cookies. So much for changing behaviors!  I did measure the ice cream, and I thought about keeping it out of my journal (just for a nanosecond), but I stayed honest.

Oh, I had 2 small 2×2 squares of pizza at work on Superbowl Sunday. There, now it’s all out there!

How do I deal with this setback? Why did I do this? Some honest self-talk took me through reaffirming my goals. Can I do this and will it be worth it? The answer is still yes! I was disappointed in my slow weight loss and insecure about the next week. I was finished with my 2 weeks of planned diet, out of product and wasn’t clear on my next steps.

Claire to the rescue! She didn’t chastise me; she validated my emotions and gave me good information to understand my slow weight loss. I learned 2 things.

First, I now get that “where sodium goes water flows.” I learned that it takes 2-3 days to lose the water salt holds (my pizza).

Second, I now understand when you eat food higher in sugar (cookies & ice cream), you should have protein with it so it is metabolized and not stored. Good to know!


So, I have a food plan for this week, increased exercise and H.A.L.T. on the refrigerator.

  • Am I Hungry?
  • Am I Angry?
  • Am I Lonely?
  • Am I Tired?

Here’s to a new week and better results!

PS:  I weighted 167.6 this morning….YEA ME!

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