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Mary Ann Starts Weight Management U

I officially started with the Weight Management University on January 24, 2011, the Monday after a weekend trip to Niagara Falls. I used this weekend as my “last weekend of freedom”, to eat everything I wanted, including a yummy chocolate torte, fish and chips with an awesome lager beer and iced wine. (Not all in the same day!)  My sister, Karol, gave me this great opportunity to participate in the online program, and I thought if I got this out of my system (or in it), I would have a better mind set to hunker down and for once in my life be successful at weight loss. I really hate to be a failure at anything, especially when family-Dr Clark, Karol and my 3 other thin sisters- are concerned. (Don’t feel bad Karol!)


After a trip to Niagara Falls, Mary Ann starts her next journey... Weight Loss!

After a trip to Niagara Falls, Mary Ann starts her next journey… Weight Loss!

I had received my “Getting Started” box the week before and was able to review all the materials sent before my target start date, which was great. (It was like getting a present in the mail!) I even took it with me to Canada…I would be prepared. This was actually a good idea as I was able to write down questions as I read through the material.

So on Monday it began. Much to my dismay, I tipped the scales at a hefty 174.2 pounds! Yikes! So eating and drinking with abandon was not such a good idea…now I have that much more to lose to reach my goal weight of 140 pounds.  I determined this after calculating my BMI for my age and height. For all of you who don’t know me, I am 55 years old and 5’7”.

One of the other great things I received was a welcome e-mail from Dr. Clark with valuable info on the CFWLS website, webinars, blogs, and educational sites for review. Even though this is probably auto generated, it made me feel special as an individual, and for a minute, overwhelmed with information. I didn’t want to miss anything and there was so much out there. I felt I needed to catch up and see and do it all right away. “Calm down girl!”

I also had a phone call from Cat on Monday to set up my phone consults with Claire. I was good and set up the first month of dates and times. This was going smoother that I expected, especially since the whole center is moving to a new location. Kudos to all of you!

Claire called right on time! We reviewed the program materials, diet plan, the food journal, exercise plan, homework-which I already had done, yea me!-what to eat for the day and how much, how to calculate essential carbs and so much more. In our 30 minute conversation, she was able to accomplish all that, plus ask me profile type questions so she could understand my habits, likes, dislikes, barriers and supports. The woman was amazing! When we got to my questions, she had already answered all of them but one. Claire is obviously intuitive and very good at what she does. I also got a sense of firmness from her. In other words, my success is up to me. I am accountable for what and how much I eat, drink and exercise. But she has a funny and compassionate side and I feel confident that she will be my task master, confidant and champion.

So, off to a good start. Talk to you next week, I have a lot to do!

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