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Is It Time to Purge the Pantry?

You are embarking on a healthier way of living.  Your fridge and freezer have been purged of all those tempting treats that lure you into a ‘carb coma’.  Or have they?   Have you kept them ‘just in case’? Are you thinking you never know when the mood may hit, or that you may  reward yourself for a rough work-week or even a great workout at the gym.  But what if some unexpected guests stop by? Be careful of those sabotaging thoughts.

The change of seasons has traditionally been a time for cleaning.  Cleaning out the closets, reorganizing rooms, disposing of those items you don’t use anymore.  Let’s extend that to the fridge and freezer.  Eating healthier should be reflected in these areas as well as your pantry.   Check to see if some of these sabotaging foods still linger behind those doors.

Let’s replenish our fridge with items that are more suitable for reaching your goals.

Keep your deli drawer full of protein rich foods like deli meats, cheeses, beef jerky, eggs (go ahead and hard boil a few of them to have on hand).  Make sure you arrange your fridge so these are the first items you see.  Instead of a shelf filled with juices, premix some fruity protein drinks so all you have to do is reach and grab.

Your veggie draw should be filled with easy to snack items.  When you open your  crisper drawer do you see a rainbow of colors, shades of greens, reds, orange, blues and purples?  Take your time at the grocery store to shop the perimeter where most of the whole foods are found.  Try a new vegetable each week.  As our taste buds  become more sensitive to the natural sweetness in these foods our attitudes may change too.

Keep your freezer stocked with quick easy to prepare lower carb frozen entrees.  Have frozen meat options available as well as quick thawing fish choices.  Keep those  tempting foods like ice cream of other frozen treats hidden out of sight or out of the freezer all together.

Let’s not forget about the pantry!  What is lurking behind door #2?  Food items in the pantry tend to have a longer shelf life and you may find yourself hesitant to throw things out.  Take a good look at those nutrition labels.  Keep your protein to carb ratios in mind when you consider whether or not to put it back on the shelf!  If you have any doubts – stop by and ask us or send us a message


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