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Safety tips for walking on your own

Most of you already know the benefits of walking and strap on your pedometer so that you can count your steps and see how many miles you have accumulated.  Here at CMH we strongly believe in walking and using your pedometer.  However, we want you to be safe when taking your daily stroll.  So, here are a few safety tips for those of you that walk alone:


  • Always try to walk with a partner when you can.
  • Stick to familiar neighborhoods with plenty of activity.
  • Know your route.  While traveling, check with the hotel desk for safe walking routes.
  • Let a friend know your route and estimated walking time.  If there is no one to tell, leave a note inside your home in a visible place.
  • Varying your route prevents boredom and promotes safety.  Never let your route become predictable to others.
  • Try to walk in the daylight.  Remember, the darkness before sunrise can harbor the same dangers in the dark, choose a well-lit path and wear reflective clothing so you are visible to motorists.
  • If you feel that you are being followed by a motor vehicle, turn around and walk the other way, remaining on the same side of the road.
  • Walk in the middle of sidewalks rather than close to alleyways, buildings or parked cars.
  • Never wear expensive jewelry or carry valuables when walking.
  • Observe your environment without distractions.  Keep your I-pod on low volume or on one ear only.
  • Trust your instinct when it tells you something feels unsafe.  Turn around, cross the street, or go for help.
  • Stay alert, aware and in control.  Radiate confidence and purpose.
  • Finally, always carry identification and some money in case of emergencies.

Remember that there are 2,000 steps to a mile and it is recommended that we work up to 10,000 steps each week.  That is equivalent to 5 miles.  So, get out there and walk.  Build up your steps gradually, and most importantly, stay safe.

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