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4 Common Diet Mistakes

All too often, we make mistakes we may not even be aware of that can really sabotage our weight loss efforts.  Here are a few of them:

1.  Drinking Liquid Calories – Many people don’t realize how many calories they are consuming in the beverages they choose.  Regular sodas, fruit juices, purchased coffees and alcohol can contain many calories and make weight loss very difficult.  Research shows that these calories do very little to satisfy our hunger and may actually cause our hunger to increase.

2.  Skipping Meals – Skipping breakfast is the most common mistake that many individuals make.  They think that they are cutting back on their calories to enhance weight loss and don’t realize that they are setting themselves up to overeat later that day.

3.  Underestimating Calories – Extra bites of food throughout the day really add up!  We need to figure in all the extra taste testing we do at meal times and the foods we “pick on” during the day.  Consider adding 25 calories for every extra bite of food that you take during the day.

4.  Taking Weekends Off – We can destroy all our efforts made during the week by consuming many calories on the weekend.  Every day is as important as the next and must be considered in our overall weight loss plan.  This strategy will set us up for a long-term lifestyle change that will enable us to maintain our weight loss.

Stay tuned as Claire and Dr. Clark share some advice on how to eliminate or minimize these mistakes in your everyday life.

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