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Are You Aware?

Mindful eating - be aware
Mindful eating – be aware

I have heard the phrase “I just wasn’t thinking” many times in counseling, which may make us think, are there times when eating is just automatic?  You may reach for something to eat and before you are aware of it, the whole bag of chips is gone or that  carton of ice cream or cookies are devoured.

As much as we would like to think that our eating is an automatic function, as is our breathing or our heartbeat, unfortunately it is not.  We actually decide to eat.

According to Brian Wansink, Ph.D., author of Mindless Eating, the average person makes over 200 decisions regarding food daily.  It’s not just if we eat but what we eat, when we eat, where we eat, etc.  Those decisions happen, for some people, as if it were out of their control.

If you feel as if your eating is sometimes automatic it may be because you are not fully aware of your thoughts at the time.  You may be more focused on other things like talking with friends, watching TV, reading the paper.   You may look down and see that the plate of food is gone and yet you cannot remember eating that food or even tasting it, let alone really enjoying it.

During your weight loss process we need to bring the focus back to what you choose to eat, when you eat it, and where you eat it and sometimes the length of time it takes you to eat it.

A few suggestions on how to be more mindful of your eating include:

  • Determine if you are really hungry.  Using a hunger scale may be helpful.  When did you last eat?  Drink some water to eliminate the possibility that you are just thirsty.
  • Plate your food.  Placing all the food you plan on eating onto your plate helps you visualize what you are eating and the amount you are eating.
  • Clear the table of extra food.  Leave serving dishes back in the kitchen and not on the table to minimize mindless second helpings.
  • Individualize your portions.  If you eat out of prepackaged foods buy the small individual sizes or prepackage the larger ones into individual serving portions.  Keep all the wrappers in front of you so you can see the actual amount that you have consumed.
  • Keep your distractions to a minimum while you are eating.  Eliminate eating at your work desk or in front of the TV.  Eat only at a pre-designated area such as the kitchen table or break room.
  • Slow down your eating. Chew each bite with the intent to taste each mouthful of food,        enjoying the smell and texture.
  • Pay attention to your hunger signals throughout the meal.  Try and stop eating before you feel full.  Remember it takes about 20 minutes for your brain to get the message that you have eaten.
  • Lastly, but most important, is to journal your food intake.  This creates an awareness of the amount you eat and your eating patterns.

When we eat, where we eat and what we eat are decisions we make throughout our day.  Let your counselor help you modify these decisions so you become more successful in reaching your goals.

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With over 30 years of experience in IT, Finance, and Healthcare fields, Tina has served the healthcare industry in such roles as Project Manager, Practice Manager, Physician Recruitment and assisted with electronic medical record (EMR) conversions. She attended the University of Maryland in both Asia and Europe majoring in Computer Science and is fascinated with learning new technologies. Tina enjoys educating our clients on our products and programs and “celebrating their successes and milestones…one pound at a time!”. Don’t be surprised if she gives you a hug! For fitness and fun, she likes to “slog” (slow jog) races and enjoys competing in half marathons. “Come out and join me for the next one. Believe in yourself and you CAN do it!” For more information on weight loss in Virginia, please contact (phone or text) us at (757) 873-1880 today!

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Jessica croppedJessica is the newest addition to the team here at CFWLS.

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Dani has over 35 years of experience in the medical field and has been working as Dr. Clark’s Medical Assistant for over 15 years. Her area of expertise is with the surgical patients. She works closely with Dr. Clark and is always just a phone call away to answer your questions or just lend an encouraging word!

Dani spends her spare time volunteering at an equine rescue or riding rescue horses.

Dawn Olson, LWMC, CPT, Education & Fitness Coordinator

Although her initial career was in Finance, Dawn’s passion for health & fitness motivated her to re-direct her energy toward helping others reach their goal toward a strong & healthy life. Counseling patients and teaching My Weight Loss Academy™ classes in lifestyle modification and nutrition keeps her smiling. “This is far more than a job, it’s an opportunity to help people learn and make positive changes in their health. Each day brings a new reward!”

Dawn is a certified personal trainer and worked in various fitness facilities before joining us in 2009. She also holds certifications in Exercise & the Older Adult, Aquatic Exercise, Chronic Diseases and Disabilities, Facilitated Stretching, Fitness Therapy and Lifestyle & Weight Management.

Cat Williamson, Office Manager

Cat Williamson was born and raised in Hampton Roads. She feels blessed that she lives close to the Ocean as well as the Mountains since she enjoys taking weekend trips with her Hubby. Cat has worked in a medical setting for more than 35 years and started working for Dr. Clark as his Surgical Coordinator over fifteen years ago. Due to her longevity here at CFWLS, she has “well rounded” knowledge in each program (medical or surgical) that Dr. Clark’s Center for Weight Loss Success offers. Cat, as the Office Manager ensures that daily structure is handled with a balance of professionalism and excitement for each of our Patient’s weight loss journey. She feels rewarded each time a Patient or Client peeks into her office to share yet another milestone toward their new life!

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CatCat Keller has a wealth of experience in marketing, e-marketing, advertising and customer service and manages our Weight Loss Nutritional Store. She is always planning something fun and exciting. special events, discounts, giveaways – it’s never a dull moment. She is happy to help you with questions you may have regarding our products or services. Cat is a graduate of William & Mary, where she studied Government/Pre-Law and minored in Marketing.

“My ultimate goal here at Center for Weight Loss Success is to help our clients be successful in their weight loss. We all know how wonderful it is to win a long fought battle. The battle against weight gain, and the poor health it eventually brings is, I believe, one of the most important to win because it brings with it the biggest pay off of all…a longer, healthier life. That is what motivates me to come to work everyday, it’s the opportunity to help a client achieve a renewed zest for life.”