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Food Pyramid & Habit Guide for Weight Loss Success
Keys to Successful Weight Loss and Long-Term Weight Control


Basic Tips for Losing Weight

By making just a few changes you can really make a difference in your weight loss success.  Hopefully, you are already doing some of the things that I’m going to suggest.

  • Drink water

It may sound strange but drinking more water can reduce bloating if your body is holding onto water.  Your body cannot tell the difference between hunger and thirst so make sure you are keeping yourself well hydrated.  Replacing regular soft drinks with water can save you hundreds of calories.  Some people have lost a lot of weight just by swapping out water for regular soda.

  • Don’t skip meals

Many people struggling with their weight feel that by skipping meals they are eating less and therefore will lose weight.  Wrong!  You are much more likely to overeat later in the day and you may find that when you do start to eat, you just can’t stop.

  • Eat healthful snacks

Snacking can help maintain blood sugar that will help prevent overeating.  A protein supplement or foods such as almonds and cheese sticks will be satisfying and help you to lose weight as long as portion size is controlled.

  • Select whole grains when choosing carbohydrates

Whole grains have more fiber and therefore keep you fuller longer.  A few years ago Readers Digest printed a study where they found that foods containing fiber kept you fuller up to four times longer than foods without fiber.  Fiber also helps to prevent constipation and can reduce your risk for disease.

  • Measure your food

I know that this is not a favorable request because it takes effort.  Most people underestimate how much they are really eating and once you know what a serving of a particular food looks like, it will always be the same.  Buy yourself a small food scale and some measuring cups and spoons.  They are not expensive but a great investment for weight loss success.

  • Read food labels

Learning to read food labels will help you to compare foods with their nutritional content and calories per serving.  You may be surprised at what you discover.

  • Journal

Writing down what you eat is essential for long term weight loss success.  It will give you an awareness of you current eating habits so that you can make the necessary changes.

  • Get active

Exercising boosts your metabolism which helps you to lose weight more easily and it is exceptionally important for weight maintenance.

You may find that just by adding one or more of these tips into your daily routine, you can transform your body.  Small changes can lead to lasting results.  Contact us to see how we can help you achieve success this time!

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