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Best Foods to Reduce Stress

Researches show that vitamins like B complex, C and E along with minerals like manganese, selenium and zinc are helpful in relieving stress. The food items rich in these substances should be included. It is better to include plant sources of these essential nutrients as animal sources as discussed above contain other nutrients which are harmful.

The food items beneficial are

    • Fresh vegetables mainly green, yellow, orange and leafy vegetables
    • Fresh fruits
    • Soups
    • Yoghurts
    • Fish
    • Sprouted grams
    • Skimmed milk
    • Herbal products

Fresh vegetables, fruits provide all vitamins and minerals. Green, yellow, orange vegetables like tomatoes, carrots are rich in vitamins for stress and minerals. Vegetables also contain more fiber content which is helpful in treating constipation and the loose stools associated Irritable bowel syndrome which is one of the long term effects of stress.

Yoghurts provide minerals including calcium essential for proper nerve impulses and lacto bacillus which is essential for maintaining gut flora. More over yoghurt neutralizes the acidity of peptic ulcer aggravated by stress.

Skimmed milk contains less than 3% fat which is appropriate during stress. Milk also contains tryptophan which is essential for the synthesis of 5HTP or serotonin which is a mood stabilizer which helps in pacifying an anxious stressed person.

Sprouted grams provide all nutrients in a balanced and very importantly in an easily digestible and absorbable way. One should remember that stress affects digestion.

Fishes like Mackerel and Tuna contain more of Omega fatty acids which protect heart, from heart diseases which are precipitated by stress. Moreover fish also contains more of Choline which is a memory booster.

Whole wheat flour and yeasts provide B complex vitamins including pantothenic acid which is often described as anti- stress vitamin. Vitamin C which is an anti oxidant is provided by fresh fruits, gooseberry, broccoli and potatoes. Magnesium which is a natural mood stabilizer and pacifier is found in cereals, spinach pumpkin and chocolates.

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