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Changing Habits…Changing Your Life

Be Positive!

Be Positive!

Are you still on track with your New Year’s Resolutions?  What happened?  Changing habits that we’ve acquired in our lifetime can seem almost impossible. Take it one step at a time – we believe in you!


#10: Never skip breakfast. Whether your food plan calls for a protein shake or scrambled eggs and cheese, make an effort to sit down at the table and consciously enjoy your breakfast.
#9: Eat all of your meals and snacks at a designated eating space and preferably the same time of day.
#8: Write it in your journal before you eat it. You are less likely to misjudge your servings if you have them measured and written down first.
#7: During meal times, keep serving dishes off the table and dispose of leftovers immediately.
#6: Know your most vulnerable times for snacking and plan your defense before temptation strikes. Go for a walk, exercise, or phone a friend and catch up.
#5: Donate the clothes you no longer fit into. This keeps you from falling back into a “comfort zone”, as you will immediately notice your new clothes feeling snug.
#4: Recognize your accomplishments. Don’t save rewards just for reaching major goals, go ahead and treat yourself when you pass on a soda or your favorite dessert. Take the money you would have spent on the on them and put it in a special “rewards” jar. As it adds up, take yourself out for a manicure or a new pair of gloves. Anything that makes you feel special.
#3: Put your meals on smaller plates or in shallow bowls. Dinner plates have gotten larger over the years!
#2: Clean out the pantry. It sounds like a simple thing, but for those of us with families to care for we often have things around that we shouldn’t.  If you can’t keep it out of the house, keep it out of sight. Place them in paper bags and store them in the back of the cupboard.
And the primary tip that works time & again is:

#1: Increase water intake to 8 cups of water per day. This helps you to feel “full”, as well as cleaning out your system. If you feel you’re unable to start drinking large quantities right away, just be sure to start drinking more than you are now.
Small steps – if you find yourself overwhelmed at the thought of taking on all of these at once, just pick one and go from there. The minute you start somewhere you are on the way to a healthier and happier life.

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