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Let’s Get Motivated!

motivationYou may have started off the year with a big push and determined to make this the year that you lose those extra pounds and keep them off.  You set goals, got to the gym, ate the right things and got enough sleep.  Are you still on track?  If not, could you use a bit of motivation?  Only you can determine what motivates you – it is different for everyone.  It needs to be strong enough to sustain you.

It’s not just what motivates you, but the where your motivation comes from that matters. If you are internally motivated (looking to please yourself), rather than driven by external motivation, you are more likely to be successful than if you want to look good for a wedding or to impress a member of your family.

Whether it’s diet or exercise, motivation does matter. If you are working out for the pleasure of moving your body, you are more likely to lace up your exercise shoes than if you are exercising to look better in a swimsuit. Your goals and priorities really do count when it comes to sticking to a program.

Understand that your motivation can & will change as you progress towards your goal.  Maybe you started out wanting to lose weight to look better but something happened along the way.  Now you feel better and your lean body mass is increasing.  Meal planning and exercise seem to be easier and more enjoyable.  You may have started thinking about training for that 5K you have always wanted to do.  These changes in motivation can keep you moving forward.

Try these tips:

  • Envision yourself at your goal and focus on that during challenging times.
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people who positively influence you rather than sabotage your efforts.
  • Focus on the here and now and talk to yourself.
  • Focus on the positive – the more you stay committed to each minute/hour/day…the closer you are to lifelong healthy habits and meeting/exceeding your goal.
  • Keep yourself in check by journaling daily and coming in for a full body composition at CFWLS once a week.
  • Get help if you need it!  You don’t have to go it alone. Weight loss shouldn’t be about deprivation.  It is about being satisfied, learning how what you eat affects you and your metabolism and having fun – really!  Life is too short otherwise. If you are stuck, we are here to help!

Make sure you are motivated to lose weight and that you are working out for the right reasons. Do it for yourself because you want to feel good and improve your health.  You are headed down the path to success!


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