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Christmas Cookies Causing Carb Cravings?

Christmas Carbs?

Christmas Carbs?

Do you find yourself wandering into the kitchen to stare into the pantry looking for something to munch on?  Does it start with a C?  Controlling your carbohydrate intake can make a huge difference in your  weight loss goals. We all like something sweet or salty at times but you will find your best choices in the vegetables and fruits that you enjoy, not wrapped in a piece of cellophane.

Carbohydrates are responsible for a large part of the cravings you may feel. The more you eat, the more you want.  When we eat carbohydrates they are reduced to simple sugars. These sugars enter our blood stream and trigger an insulin release. The more refined foods containing ‘simple carbohydrates’, such as Dr. Clark’s six C’s (Cereal, Candy, Chips, Cookies, Cake, and Crackers), lead to a quick release of insulin followed by a rapid drop in blood sugar (hypoglycemia) that triggers an intense craving for more carbohydrates.  It can be a vicious circle – and not one that counts as cardio!

You can minimize the physiological aspect of cravings by trying a few of these tips:

¨ Control your blood sugar swings by eating protein every few hours.

¨ Keep your carbohydrate levels below or equal to your protein levels at each meal or snack.

¨ Avoid those 6 C’s as well as the heavy starches (rice, potatoes, pasta & bread).

¨ Carry protein based snacks with you at all times.

¨ Avoid becoming overly hungry, you are less likely to make good choices.

¨ Exercise may help distract you from cravings and helps to utilize the extra sugars in your bloodstream.

¨ Wait it out.  Give yourself 15 minutes and see if the craving goes away.

¨ Drink a glass of water. We often interpret thirst as hunger.

Another supplement that may help is Carnitine tartrate. It can potentially help with carbohydrate cravings and also aid weight loss. Carnitine helps transfer fatty molecules (fuel) into your cells mitochondria where the fat is burned and energy produced. Dr. Clark recommends that Carnitine usually needs to be taken 1-4 grams/day in divided doses.

Control your carbs and you can control your cravings.  We’re here to help.  Check out our recipes on the Members Only portal or on Pinterest!


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