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Exercise Repetitions – Think Slow & Safe!

Think you can finish that 30 minute workout in just 15?  Guess again.  Exercise speed makes a big difference in both risk for injury and actual strength building.

Those quick exercise repetitions place a great deal of stress on the muscle and connective tissue at the start of the repetition.  By performing each lift with a slow and controlled movement, you get even tension throughout the range of motion.  It is recommended that one repetition take one to two seconds for each lift (Concentric contraction) and three to four seconds for the release (Eccentric contraction).

The most common exercise misquick fixtake is related to technique.  Too much resistance can lead to poor form as a person tries to compensate for the weight.  Speed is substituted for strength when you bounce at the bottom of a squat or rebound the bar off of your chest in a press.  Watch yourself in a mirror or book a session with one of our trainers to demonstrate the correct way to perform an exercise .

Using momentum and fast training speeds can actually decrease the training stimulus and increase your risk of injury.  Remember – be slow & safe!

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