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workout posterToo much of a good thing?  Do you find yourself at the gym every day and planning the rest of your life around your workouts? It may be time to step it down a notch!

Over-exercising can be damaging to your body and is often seen in conjunction with eating disorders. Signs that you may need to modify your fitness plan:

  • You work out for hours at a time each day
  • You are uncomfortable resting or relaxing
  • You work out even when you’re sick or injured
  • Missing a workout causes emotional distress
  • You would rather be at the gym than spending time with friends and family
  • You have missed work or other important appointments to sneak in a session
  • You are always thinking about your next workout

Those daily sessions can prevent the muscles from repairing themselves and increase your risk of injury. Also note, if you exercise and replace the calories you burn, you’re no better — with regard to how much fat you burn off — than if you didn’t exercise.  Yes, we want to burn off more calories than we consume, but the right nutritional mix with a reasonable fitness routine will provide that calorie deficit.

Our counselors and personal trainers are here to help you find a good balance of diet and exercise. You are on your way to where you want to be – let’s keep your metabolism revved!

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