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How Can Dr. Clark’s “Jump Start” Program Help Me?

Dr. Clark designed his “Jump Start” program primarily to boost your weight loss before beginning a formal weight loss plan.  It is a great way to start your weight loss efforts before experiencing other weight loss programs because it is healthy, quick and easy, convenient and motivating.

  • It is an all supplement diet that replaces all of your meals with 5 protein shakes each day.  The shakes come in two flavors, chocolate and vanilla, and provide all the protein that you need to insure retention of lean body mass and fullness.  If you need added variety, one of the daily shakes can be substituted for two Anytime Proti pre-mixed shakes and some protein enriched fruit drinks that we carry here at CFWLS.
  • This diet has very low total calories so it can also be used to help break through a plateau. It can also detoxify the body and act as an elimination diet to help sort out potential food allergies or intolerances.
  • The “Jump Start” diet is very convenient because the shakes are simply mixed with water and can be easily transported anywhere.  It will take the guesswork out of meal planning and free up some time usually spent on meal preparation.
  • The diet is really manageable for most people because it lasts only 2 weeks and that time frame makes it so much easier for commitment.  As you notice quick results you will be highly motivated to see it through.
  • Dr. Clark recommends that to get the most out of this plan you take a complete Multi-Vitamin, Essential Fatty Acids, Activated B-Complex and a Magnesium/Potassium supplement.  If you tend to suffer from fatigue on a calorie restricted plan, you may also consider asking our staff about adding B-Complex injections.
  • Here at CFWLS we also recommend that you begin journaling your intake in our free mobile app (CFWLS in the App Store or Center for Weight Loss Success in Google Play), so that you can track your achievements.  It is important to stay active and drink the required 8 cups of water or approved beverages, daily.

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