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How To Turbo Boost Your Weight Loss Efforts

just do itNearly everyone I see at the Center for Weight Loss Success would love a prescription to ‘Turbo Boost ’ their weight loss efforts. I will share exactly how to turbo boost your efforts with what you are eating!

You know I love fitness but when it comes to getting your number on the scale to go down, focusing on what you are eating will make the biggest difference. I am going to give you the simplified version (in your weight loss program at CFWLS we make this more specific to you and your situation).

You need to pay attention to what you eat…yes, especially during your weight loss phase; you need to document what you eat. However, I know you are short on time so I will simplify it even further (you can even do this now on our CFWLS app – track your weight loss, your pictures and what you eat).

If you are willing to do just ONE thing, count your carbohydrate intake in a 24 hour period and keep it to < 50 grams.

If you are willing to do just TWO things, count your carbohydrates and protein intake in a 24 hours period and focus in keeping a 2:1 ratio of protein to carbohydrates. For example if you take in 50 grams of   carbohydrate, your protein intake should be around 100 grams. This is important to preserve your lean body mass and specifically your metabolism.

If you are willing to do THREE things, count your carbohydrates, protein and calories. As for calories, this number is different for everyone. Your calorie ceiling is essentially the total calories you can ingest and still see your number on the scale going down.

All of these numbers are also influenced by your fitness (or lack thereof). But can easily be figured out. Optimizing your hormones can also make a difference in your long term weight loss success.

This may be simple but that’s the point! Better yet, it works!

So read on and ‘turbo boost’ your efforts. If you take this information and implement, you will see your efforts pay off big time! Let us know if you need help.

Here is an additional tool! iphone5standinglt_429x1134Download our CFWLS Mobile App! Track your weight, your photos and what you eat! (CFWLS in the App Store & Center for Weight Loss Success in Google Play)


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