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Mary Ann takes on the “Peeps”


Happy Easter to all our “peeps”!

Happy Easter to all our “peeps”!

Ok, I’m a bit late; you’ll have to forgive me as I have had computer issues and had to solve them by getting a new laptop. So now I’m better, faster and poorer!

The good news is that even after indulging in a bit more Easter candy than I should have, I got back on track and have at least maintained my weight at 159 pounds. Instead of chastising myself for knowingly buying and eating my favorite Easter treats, I hung my head in shame for a short period of time and “put my big girl panties on” and dealt with it. (That’s one of my favorite sayings!) I hope all of you fellow dieters had a good Easter and did the same; either stuck with your plan or recognized the indulgence and moved forward.

Since my visit to Virginia, I have been a tad wishy-washy with food journaling,exercising and sticking to my plan. I am in between counselors and have lost some discipline. Luckily, I had 2 chapters to review from the Weight Loss University and the newsletter from the Center with expert advice on preparing for events.

Once again this is just what I needed! The chapter on “Behavior Modification: Stress/Self-Talk and Goal Review” put me back on track. I am at a point where I have lost just enough weight to be noticeable, and it is too easy to cut myself a little slack in food choices. So, I took to heart the positive self-talk and gave myself some “tough love”!  That’s kind of like hugging and slapping yourself at the same time. In other words, I have gotten this far (down 15 pounds), and I don’t want to stop now. I am almost halfway to my goal weight, time to pick up the pace and get back on track and reaffirm my goals. I can’t say enough about how helpful the tools and information have been for this old dog to learn some lifetime lifestyle changes!

By the way, how was the grand opening celebration? I am sure those of you who attended were glorious in celebrating your successes with Dr. Clark and his great staff. I can’t wait to see pictures so I can enjoy it from afar!

Think spring, think thin and I hope to God this rain stops soon and the sun shines!

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