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Mary Ann meets the CFWLS Staff!

Mary Ann visits Virginia

Mary Ann visits Virginia

Well, we are home after a wonderful visit to Virginia last week. Even though the weather was not as dry and sunny as I had hoped, being able to visit the Weight Management Center and spend time with my sister Karol and her family was all I needed to brighten my days. Being away from work for a week didn’t hurt either!

I received an overwhelmingly warm welcome from Claire the day of my in person counseling session. In fact she just about knocked me over with her enthusiastic greeting! You can see our picture posted on facebook. Not my best look, but hopefully with continued diligence to eating right and exercising, my face won’t look so “rounded” when I reach my goal weight!

Claire gave me lots of information to help keep me motivated and on track. Along with the next two Weight Loss University chapters, I have lots to do. Before our visit I had asked Claire to put together an exercise program to help me tone and reshape. We spent over an hour in the fitness rooms, and boy did she deliver! I now I have an organized and tailored exercise program that will help me achieve my goals. I am a people person and really enjoyed the face-to-face consultation. Thank you, Claire! Now I don’t have any excuse not to exercise!

One of the tools I have not been able to utilize living in Ohio is the body composition analysis. I was able to get this done and had an appointment with Dr. Clark to review the results. Being able to discuss my report, ask questions and affirm my plan were invaluable to me. Thank you Dr. Clark.

After meeting most of the staff, now I can put faces to the voices over the phone. I have to say that Dr. Clark and Karol have a wonderful team. (They even let me take their picture!) I stocked up on shakes and protein bars and was glad to have them for the 8 hour ride home. I didn’t lose any weight while vacationing, but I didn’t gain either, so I am OK with that, and now back to work!

As with every visit, I feel I didn’t get enough time with my sister and the kids and it’s always sad to have to say goodbye, but I hope to come back when I’ve reached my goal weight, so you aren’t rid of me yet!


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