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Mary Ann vs. the Ides of March

Skies are gloomy, but Mary Ann reviews her goals.

Skies are gloomy, but Mary Ann reviews her goals.

The Ides of March are upon us! Ohio has been dreary and rainy and my moods have been the same. I have not been able to exercise due to knee pain and swelling. A trip to the orthopedist and an MRI next week hopefully will give me some good news or at least a recovery plan.

I also have made some poor food choices in the past week; pizza, pie and ice cream for our son’s birthday equaled 2 lbs of weight gain, add a week of horrendous work hours, drug rep lunch and overtime…if I let it, I could really get depressed and fall back in to old habits.

This is where the change occurs. Before I joined CFWLS, this would be enough for me to give up and start looking for a new diet plan after indulging myself. I remembered Claire’s words to me: positive self talk, pick up the challenge at the next meal. So I recognized these as temporary set backs; it is what it is, now get back on track! I reviewed my goals, broke down my weight loss weekly to reach my goal weight of 140 lbs. in 6 months. It is a pound of weight loss per week. This is doable!

Now some exciting news! We are planning a vacation. The end of March will find us in Virginia. I am looking forward to seeing my sister Karol and her family, visit the new weight loss center, get some exercise in, and meet the wonderful support staff in person, especially “Grandma Claire”!

I always perform best under pressure, 3 weeks to get back on track, drop a few pounds and be successful!

See you soon! Can I order some sun while we are there? I need light therapy!

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