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Not Feeling Inspired?

questionNot feeling inspired?  Or is it motivated?  What’s the difference?  Motivation comes from within—it’s about psyching yourself up.  Inspiration is often comes from external forces—things or people around you that encourage you to reach a little higher, pull a little harder or do more than you originally thought possible.  Inspiration is the cause, Motivation is the effect.  Now you just need to find what works for you!

Inspiration comes in many forms and you may find it in unexpected places—be ready.

When it comes to weight loss, it’s always good to listen to those that have succeeded in doing what you want to accomplish.  We have video testimonials as well as posters and posts but  coming to support group and/or attending education class puts you face to face with people that can make a difference and help you achieve success.

Words that you hear, whether spoken or written, may spark an emotion inside of you. They might be from someone you are close to or someone you’ve never met.  Dr. Clark tweets a short note each day that sends information and encouragement your way.  Each week you receive a brief newsletter from us that highlights a specific topic related to weight loss and provides a  gentle  reminder to make the choices that lead to your goals.

Try one of the short & simple exercise options that we have for you on our YouTube sight.  A few of our trainers have put together effective ways for you to strengthen your muscles and increase your lean body mass.  Most of them take less than 5 minutes and can be done without fitness equipment.  Five minutes—you owe it to yourself!

Recipes may inspire you to create a healthy entrée for dinner.  That healthy dinner may inspire you to create a menu plan for the entire week.  The menu plan may motivate you to make up a shopping list and pick up the items you will use to nourish this healthy new lifestyle.  I think you get the idea—one thing leads to another and soon you are unstoppable.

Look around you, inspiration is everywhere.  Success is in sight!


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