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Can You Cultivate Optimism?

It's a choice.

It’s a choice.

Would you describe your glass as ‘half-full’?  With the current economy and other issues that may be pressing on our mind, sometimes maintaining an optimistic attitude is a constant struggle!  You can probably think of people you know that always seem to see the sunny side of things. Are optimists just born that way?  You may think that but it’s not necessarily so.

Researchers at Duke University conducted a study and determined that optimists tend to work harder, save more money and lead healthier lives. Who doesn’t want to lead a more successful and satisfying life?  But how or where do you start? Below are certain steps that you can take to cultivate a positive outlook:

1.  Become aware of your pessimism

Unfortunately, pessimism tends to encourage more pessimism so reversing that downward spiral is your first order of business.  In order to do that, you must first be aware of those negative thoughts.  This allows you to take control and change the way you approach each issue.

2.  Acknowledge your optimism

This may take practice!  Be patient and persistent.  By moving the negative thoughts away from the center of your consciousness, you’ll have room to put the positive ones.  Repeating those  positive mantras will allow optimism to become habitual.  Habits are habits—both good and bad.  You can replace the negative with positive.  Say it out loud, “Yes I can!”

3.  Strengthen your inner circle

Fortunately, just like with pessimism, optimism is contagious!  Surrounding yourself with people that you view as optimists will lead you toward a more positive outlook. Peer pressure is a great motivator.

It is very possible to change the way you think.  Consistency is the key.  You can learn to control your thoughts and responses. Practice every chance you get and you may notice yourself adapting to healthier habits and even smiling in the face of adversity.


A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your   circumstances having power over you.   ~Joyce Meyer


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