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PLAN to be Healthy for the Holidays!

Over the next two months Americans will be celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas, two wonderful holidays that I’m personally fond of. We’re able to spend quality time with family, take vacations, and appreciate everything that goes with this time of year. However exciting and magical, the holidays often threaten to sabotage the weight loss efforts of even the most disciplined folks. It’s not just about resisting weight gain but also the old habits that originally caused the weight to get out of hand. Remember how hard you worked to get the weight off and don’t give in to temptation. Strive to stay on track and begin 2016 feeling healthy.

There are plenty of ways to avert some of the typical winter health problems and keep up with your workout routine throughout the busy days. It’s challenging but can be accomplished with a little planning. By planning ahead and being prepared we can avoid weight gain, ward off the flu, and maintain our activity level.

I’m committed to living a healthy lifestyle but I struggle during the holidays just like everyone else. We have to let the focus be about family, not food. There are several ways to avoid holiday weight gain:
1. More protein, less carbohydrates. Most of my patients need to stay under 60g effective carbs a day.
2. Before you eat, ask yourself the following questions: Why am I eating? Am I still hungry?
3. At parties, use utensils and avoid finger food. Use small plates and always leave a little bit of food on your plate so no one will urge you to eat more. Avoid standing while you eat.
4. Don’t skip breakfast as your metabolism slows overnight.
5. Weigh yourself regularly so you’re aware if the scale starts creeping up.
6. Commit to exercising every day – no excuses! Just 20 minutes a day is sufficient. You’ll sleep better and be able to handle stress more effectively.
7. Relax and try to enjoy this time. Constant stress will cause you to make bad food choices and release cortisol, leading to more weight gain.
8. Drink at least 64 ounces of water and avoid alcoholic beverages and juices.

We have delicious, protein-rich recipes on our website and social media sites as well as a free down-loadable recipe booklet using products from our store. Our experienced personal trainers and fitness instructors can assist you with your fitness routines. Remember that weight gain can lead to disease. Stay focused, plan ahead, and resist temptation so you can avoid the holiday weight gain.

It’s your life. Make it a healthy one!

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