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Cabbage Wrapped Pork Pot Stickers

Posted on February 21, 2014 by

Cabbage Wrapped Pork Pot Stickers

Cabbage Wrapped Pork Pot Stickers

A healthy twist to a traditional favorite!



1 medium head cabbage

1 pound lean ground pork

2 green onions, chopped

2 tsp sesame oil

1 Tbls soy sauce

¼ tsp ground ginger

Cooking spray



  1. Bring large pot of water to a boil.
  2. Wash and cut cabbage in half. Cut the core from each half and separate at least 16 of the large outer leaves from both halves. Add to boiling water for 2 minutes until crisp-tender. Use slotted spoon to remove and place on paper towels to drain.
  3. Prepare pot-sticker filling by combining ground pork, chopped green onions, sesame oil, soy sauce and ginger in a large mixing bowl. Use your hands to mix well.
  4. Place a large nonstick pan over medium-high heat and spray with cooking spray. Form the pork filling into thick oval patties about the size of your thumb.
  5. Place the patties into the pan and cook about 4 minutes on each side, until cutting into one shows no pink. You may need to cook in two batches.
  6. Wrap each patty individually in leaves and secure with toothpick or serve with leaves for guests to assemble themselves.


Note: These may be served with a tangy dipping sauce. I suggest ¼ soy sauce, 2 tsp sesame oil, 1 tsp minced garlic and a sprinkle of Splenda stirred together.


Makes 8 servings


Nutrition Facts (without dipping sauce):

Calories 180

Total Fat 9g

Effective Carbohydrates 6g

Dietary Fiber 2.5g

Protein 17g



From The Good Carb Chef

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