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It’s All in Your Attitude!

Posted on September 15, 2014 by

your choice“I can’t exercise, I’m too _____________________”.  You fill in the blank.  Trust me, I’ve heard every excuse there is.  Yes, there are a few reasons that may get you an exercise pass but even then, there are usually a few things that you can do to get in some type of workout.

The most common excuse I hear is, ”I don’t have enough time”.   Oddly enough, the busiest people I know make it a priority and put it on their schedule.  Successful people will find the time.  Take a 10 minute walk during your lunch break or set your alarm 30 minutes earlier a few days a week.

“I’m too tired”.  What time of day do you feel your best?  It’s easier to get moving if you plan your workouts for the time of day that suits your energy levels.  Many find that a morning routine gives them the momentum to get through the day while others use their workout to unwind and distress   after a long day on the job.  Do what works best for you but you may have to try several timeslots    before you find the right fit.

“I don’t know where to start”.  How about a group fitness class?  Our instructors guide you through  exercises that will work all of your major muscle groups and there is no reading required!  If group  settings aren’t for you, a personal training session may be a good investment.

“I’ve tried this before”.  Yes, maybe you have.  Start again by setting small realistic goals and          remember the reason that you are working out.  Acknowledge your goals and find little ways to       reward yourself for accomplishing them.

Stick to a routine and you will start to notice a difference in the way you feel and maybe even in the way you look.  Do you find that each activity is getting easier?  Maybe you are just getting stronger!

Want to try something fun?  Check out a selection of quick and easy exercises that we have available for you on Doc Weight Loss through YouTube.  Our instructors and trainers have put together some exercises that require little or no equipment and can be done in the time that it takes you to read this article!  Also take a look at the board ‘Weight Loss Fitness’ on our Pinterest page!

Focus on what you CAN do—not on what you CAN’’T!


Getting Back on Track

Posted on September 08, 2014 by

stop giving upNow that vacations are over and school is back in session, are you getting back on track with your weight loss efforts? You can overhaul your diet by taking small steps over time and still reach your goals.  Let’s start with these simple tips:

#1 Don’t rush, go slow… Take slow small steps to reach your goals. For example, designate a day as fish day, or add a piece of produce to your  daily brown bag lunch.

#2 Drink your water… Water is cheap and carb free.  Find it difficult to drink 8 cups of water each day?  Think small.  Drink 1 glass first thing in the morning.  Resolve to drink one more cup of water today than you think you did yesterday!

#3 Go for color…  Colorful produce is packed with vitamins and minerals, along with disease fighting qualities. Always reach for the rainbow.

#4 Take control of mindless munching…  Pop a piece of gum or a sugar-free mint in your mouth.  Pay attention and look at each piece of food you plan to eat, busy your hands with a glass of water or a cup of tea.  Conversation is also a great alternative.

#5 Set yourself up for success…  Leave temptations—ice cream, chips, soda—at the grocery store.  Socialize with non-food events for example, get together with friends in the park for a hike or head to the movies.

Bonus:  Keep your body thriving.  Move your body for 30 minutes every day by going for a walk, washing the car, taking a hike or just playing with the kids.  Get your blood pumping!  Sleep helps to recharge and cope with stress, so be sure to get the rest you need.

By taking small steps, you can reach any goal you strive to succeed!




Exercise Intensity for Weight Loss

Posted on February 28, 2014 by

Weight Loss Tips for Tough Times

Posted on January 20, 2014 by

changeThese 30 tips are tried and true. They come from Dr. Clark and the entire team at CFWLS and our successful patients! Remember, reading is one thing – applying what you learn is where you can make the most progress.
1. Start your day with approximately 30 grams of protein.
2. Stay away from foods that contain sugar.
3. Explore different tastes with a variety of spices – without adding carbs!
4. Carry a carb gram counter and your journal with you so you can analyze what may be causing your cravings or hunger.
5. Hit a plateau? Try reducing your carb intake by 5-10 grams.
6. Learn how to read food labels to count effective carbs.
7. Avoid excessive caffeine which may trigger hunger or food cravings.
8. Eat slowly; extending the time it takes for your brain to realize you have eaten.
9. Only eat until you are sat-isfied, not until you are full.
10. Use smaller plates at meal times. It may help you feel like you’re eating more.
11. You can have a bite of something without eating a complete piece.
12. If you have gone over your limit at a meal, forgive yourself and re-focus at the next meal.
13. Eat your meals at a table, concentrating on your food, avoiding watching TV or reading.
14. Don’t use a business trip or vacation as an excuse not to follow your plan.
15. Don’t miss a meal. Your body is counting on you to provide for it.
16. Always carry some emergency food with you (protein bars or nuts are good choices).
17. When eating out, engage your server in your eating plan. They may have some suggestions.
18. When eating out, ask about the ingredients of each dish.
19. Drink an 8 oz. glass of water prior to each meal.
20. Include your hunger scale in your food diary so you can analyze any patterns and im-prove planning strategies – your counselor at CFWLS can really help with this too.
21. Place any tempting foods in an out of the way place in your home so you don’t visualize it every time you open the pantry.
22. Keep your grocery trip on a list to minimize spontaneous buying.
23. Stay to the perimeter for the grocery store. Most processed foods and higher carb foods are in the aisles.
24. Plan your day ahead of time. Then stay on track.
25. Surround yourself with supporting friends and family.
26. Return to your food diary for successful weight loss weeks and repeat them.
27. Keep your protein levels equal to or higher than your carb level with each snack.
28. Avoid carbs prior to bedtime to keep your glucose levels event throughout the night.
29. Find ways to reward yourself in ways other than food.
30. Eat to live, don’t live to eat.

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Motivation Matters!

Posted on December 23, 2013 by

And maintaining that motivation is key to achieving your goals. As the New Year approaches, most of us find ourselves looking ahead and contemplating some type of change.  Generally, one of our goals involves weight loss or some other health-related change. Sometimes the changes we propose can seem overwhelming. The following tips can help you stick to your fitness/wellness program:

1. When it comes to fitness – start slowly. We are all anxious to get moving and see results, but your body needs to adjust to your new routine. Make sure you begin every workout with a warm-up to get the muscles moving. Then start off with 30 minutes of cardio or light weights – walking, biking, a machine circuit or low-impact exercise class. (Try our new Wednesday Fit Xpress class or the ‘Sit & Get Fit’ DVD we just released).  Gradually increase your workouts as your endurance increases.

2. Take a mental picture! Every day take time for yourself to visualize your new healthier, happier self. Close your eyes, relax and see yourself at your desired weight, and feel how happy you will be when you finally achieve that goal. Many athletes practice this to achieve their goals and you can too..

3. Seek Inspiration. There is nothing wrong with maintaining your motivation with inspirational quotes posted where you can see them throughout your day.  Sometimes it’s just what you need to see to get you back on your feet and focused.

4. Stay Balanced. Success isn’t all or nothing – you will be more successful with your diet and exercise program if you start to make small changes in your lifestyle.  Small changes add up to big results! If you miss a day of exercising or eat something off your program occasionally, don’t overreact. Just get back on track the next day and continue with your fitness routine. Keep your eye on the goal and you will be successful!

5. Make it fun! The time goes by faster when walking with a friend for conversation and mutual support. If you like to exercise alone, consider this time for yourself. Crank up your favorite tunes and feel the energy! When you enjoy your fitness program, you are more likely to keep it up.

6. Weigh in Weekly. The daily fluctuation in your weight is normal and it’s easy to get too wrapped up in the numbers.  Increasing your lean body mass takes time and it won’t show up in those daily trips to the scale. Try to focus on improving your overall fitness and feeling healthy & happier in the New Year. Don’t get discouraged if the numbers move slowly! Keep focused on your exercise and workouts and it won’t be long before you see results.

7. Listen to your Body. No one time is perfect to exercise. If you are a “morning person” get up 1/2 hour earlier and do your workouts in the morning when you energy is at peak level. If you stay up (or get up) late, you would probably do better to exercise in the evenings. Work with your own personal body rhythm to keep your enthusiasm up.

8. Consider a Personal Trainer or Health Coach. A personal trainer/health coach can really help keep you on track. We have some of the best trainers in Hampton Roads right here at CFWLS.  They can work with you to create an exercise plan that is right for you.  Our nutritional coaches can teach you what you need to know to feel your best and get that scale moving in the right direction.

healthy-holidaysDr. Clark & the staff at the Center for Weight Loss Success wish each of you a Very Merry Christmas and the Healthiest of New Years!

Exercise Your Attitude!

Posted on November 25, 2013 by

just do itYou know the benefits of being active. You own the shoes and the clothes. You may even have a membership to the gym. What’s missing? It might be more than motivation, it sounds like you may need an attitude adjustment!

Start by thinking of yourself as an active person—perception often turns into  reality. Exercise has a way of increasing positive beliefs while decreasing negative ones.  The snowball gets bigger and starts rolling faster—you get the idea.

It’s time to put yourself first again. It was normal as a toddler and easy as a teenager but this time it is a conscious decision to block out some time for yourself to do something for you.  The hours that you spend working out are an investment in your own health & wellbeing.  Exercise  increases your overall energy level as well as reducing stress and building lean body mass, just to name a few of the good things. But did you realize that it also improves your mood?  You could be healthier and happier all at the same time.  And research indicates that it works with any type of exercise that you enjoy. Need I go on?

Now make a list of all the activities that you have enjoyed in the past and any that you would like to try.  Put 2 of them on the schedule for each week. Yes, it’s December and everyone is busy but you’ll be glad that you took a couple of hours out of the 168 available to do something that is good for you! Who knows, you may want to add another one or two when you see how good it feels.

Once you have established the routine of lacing up your tennis shoes and heading out the door, you won’t require quite as much thinking.

On second thought, don’t think about it—’Just Do It’!  Nike may own the trademark but you can use it to turn your “I really should” into “I did it!”


Think Positive!

Posted on October 21, 2013 by

positivePositive thinking is essential for weight loss.  Now I realize that there will be those times when you just don’t have it in you, but for the most part, you will find weight loss and life in general is much more effective and    enjoyable if you keep your thoughts on the positive side.  It also improves your likelihood of success and  enriches your journey along the way.

I am sure you have likely heard the adage “you become what you think about most of the time”.  I believe this is true.  Essentially, your thoughts and “self-talk” are usually self-fulfilling (but can be changed).  This “self-talk” is very powerful.  If you tell yourself the same thing over and over, you will begin to believe it is true.  So start making your thoughts and conversation with yourself positive and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.  Positive thoughts of a healthier you who has made the most of every small victory along the way is much more beneficial than negative thoughts of being forever stuck hopelessly in a rut and never finding your path to weight loss and feeling great!  The end result is worth it!

Here are a few tips for positive thinking:

Surround yourself with people who are positive and limit your time with those that are negative/not supportive of your weight loss efforts

When you feel yourself moving down a depressing path, STOP (even pinch yourself) and take that negative thought and turn it around into something positive.  This may take practice.  For example, you have had a great eating day focusing on protein first and controlling your carb/sugar intake and then you “binge” on a familiar comforting food such as French fries or chips.  You could either say “I’m never going to be successful” and continue on this path of self-destruction or you can say “I did not make a good choice but I did do so well today.  I am going to get back on track right away so I can meet my goal this week”.

Focus on your goal and set mini goals along the way that so you can frequently experience success.  This feels great and keeps you motivated to continue.  Celebrate these accomplishments along the way.

Don’t expect perfection when it comes to weight loss.  Slip ups happen and the most important thing to do is to forgive yourself, work with your counselor at CFWLS to develop a contingency plan in the event it happens again.  Brush yourself off and start over the very next meal.

Think positive! You can do it and we are here to help!  You can find us on many of the social media sites (they are located in the upper right corner of your window).  Check out a few today!



Too Busy to Exercise?

Posted on August 26, 2013 by

images (1)This is the most common excuse (yes, it is an excuse, not a reason!) for not getting enough exercise. Just 30 minutes of exercise a day can make such a difference in your weight loss progress and general health.

Lunchtime workouts are a perfect fit for those who won’t exercise once they get home.  They can help you clear your mind, improve your mood and also give you a boost of energy for the afternoon. It does require a bit of planning. Pack a lunch, put your tennis shoes and/or gym bag in the car and write it on your schedule. Get creative, it can be something as simple as a walk around the parking lot or a short list of exercises you can do in your office.

If lunch-hour won’t work, but you can find small pockets of time throughout the day, try putting those 10 minute breaks to work for you! Keep it mixed up—vary your intensity and location on the cardio workouts and change the order of your strength training exercises. Pencil in something like this and see if it could work for you!

♦ Day 1: Three 10-minute cardio workouts

♦ Day 2: Two-three 10-minute strength workouts

♦ Day 3: Two-four 10-minute cardio workouts

♦ Day 4: Rest or easy walk

♦ Day 5: Two 10-minute cardio workouts, one 10-minute strength workout

♦ Day 6: Two 10-minute strength workouts, one 10-minute cardio workout

No need to visit a gym for these, exercises that use body weight or tubing would be perfect for home or office.

Run a 5K - Sign up today!

Run a 5K – Sign up today!

Is the gym on your way home from work?  It might be a great way to work out the tension that has built up during the day. We offer classes Monday through Thursday in the late afternoon/evening.  Or sign up to train for a 5 or 10K event!  Jim Bradley will be teaching a seminar on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. to help you reach that goal.

Those that take the time to schedule exercise into their busy days will be the first ones across the finish line!

Stop Should-ing and Start Do-ing!

Posted on July 24, 2013 by

Stop Should-ing!For most people, you go through life knowing what you have always known (or been taught) and doing what you have always done.  Then one day you wake up and realize that you are dissatisfied, unfulfilled, unhappy or maybe just scared.  You hope that it’s not too late.  You realize that you should make some changes but you feel it is easier and more comfortable to continue knowing what you know and doing what you do.  You try (may even succeed at positive changes) and then regress to the same old comfort zone.  This results in continuation of the status quo and possibly a worsening of your situation.  You will start “do-ing” as soon as it is convenient…next week…next month…after the hurricane…after the summer/holiday is over…you know the drill.

It’s a cycle and many of you may be caught up in it…frustrated…maybe even knowing what to do…but not doing it…thinking you “should be more active”…you “should eat healthier”…you “should lose weight and get in shape”.  You may even “should” for others who think you “should eat everything on your plate”, you “should eat junk food because you’ve had a rough day”, and/or you “should not exercise because others need you more”.

“Should-ing” comes in two forms.  First, doing what you think others expect you “should” do despite what your hopes, conscience and gut are telling you to do.  You feel guilty and want to feel approval from others so you give in.  Second, is “should-ing” yourself by saying you “should” do something but not doing it because your conditioned over the years to behave otherwise.  Unfortunately “should-ing” doesn’t make a difference.  Do-ing does.

Realizing the problem is an important first step.  You must break the cycle of – You think → You want →You decide → You try → You fail (or temporarily succeed) → You repeat.  This is no way to live.  You deserve better.

With regard to weight loss, this is particularly important if you are overweight (BMI between 25 and 29.9), obese (BMI > 30), have high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, abnormal triglycerides, sleep apnea, are physically inactive and/or have a family history of heart disease (or just want to look/feel better).  It’s time to start “do-ing”…NOW!  Easier said than done…I know and unfortunately, no one can do it for you.  You need to take responsibility for losing weight and make it happen.  If any of this relates to you, this is your official “kick in the pants”.

Fortunately, it doesn’t need to be so hard.  If you need realistic and sincere help or accountability, let us know.  It’s our expertise and we have the surgical, non-surgical, nutritional and fitness assistance that can help you stop “should-ing” yourself and getting nowhere fast.  It’s all here.  Start “do-ing” today.  Your Weight Management University curriculum, medical assistance and professional coaches are ready to help.  Now that you have a “kick in the pants”, do something about it!!  It’s never too late.