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Create Happy!

Posted on March 09, 2015 by



Have you ever wondered how a person can be going through a rough patch in their lives and still be happy? It’s called optimism.  It’s an attitude and a choice that you make!  You see those that look on the bright side of things, no matter what life throws at them.  They are constantly complimenting people and helping others, which in turn that benefits them both. These people also seem to get sick less often and be in better health, in general. Why is that?  By reaching out to other people and putting the focus on them, it makes you see that your own problems aren’t as bad in comparison. Being a giving person doesn’t just help the person you are assisting, it helps you too.

So try to take a break from yourself and for a week or two, quit trying to figure everything out. Get your mind on doing a kind deed for someone, help someone with a project, get involved with children. Children are great, they are constantly seeking to do something new. You need to do that, too.  Get out of your rut and jump in with both feet, just like a kid would. What happens to your health and your weight might surprise you. Here are a few simple steps toward changing your attitude & reaching your goals:

1. Surround yourself with a new environment or a different task to do that will challenge you mentally, as well as physically. Get your mind off your same old problems. Look at life in a different way.  If you find yourself trying to climb the same proverbial mountain, day after day, it might be time to realize that the mountain is not going away. Try to just avoid the annoying coworker. If you’re stuck waiting in a line that’s not moving, just breathe. It’s time for a change and a new perspective.

2. Go outside and observe your environment. What do you see? What do you hear? Do you see certain   colors that inspire you? Even though it’s winter, now is a great time to get outdoors and experience nature. Quiet your mind. Stop and really look at your neighborhood, park or right outside your window. Then grab a pen or pencil and jot down what you see.

3.  Take it even further, talk with people, see what new adventures they are taking. Limit time with negative people and seek out positive ones. Surround yourself with happy people doing interesting things and in time, their zest for life will rub off on you.

4.  Register for a new class at your local school or recreation centers. This keeps your mind fresh and gets you excited about a new experience.

5.  Volunteer at schools, hospitals, library and surround yourself with new items to force your eyes and brain to look at different objects and your senses will be tuned in to your new environment.  Challenge yourself. You will be a new person, with optimism abounding, no matter what life throws at you. This could be your day that is met with challenge, excitement and a new adventure to enhance your life! “Over time, your mind became more accustomed to elicit positive thoughts because you have stretched it to comfortably receive them. Train your own mind to be receptive to expect positive outcomes.


Five Ways to Overcome Your Negativity

Posted on July 28, 2013 by

Have you ever known someone who is so negative it makes it difficult to be around them?   Negativity gets in the way of your own productivity and can be contagious.  In fact, often negativity can take over your life and you aren’t even aware.  It’s perfectly normal to be in a bad mood now and the, but sometimes you are so overwhelmingly negative that it gets in the way of reaching your goals.  This happens with weight loss too.  Yet, coincidentally, losing weight can unlock happiness that multiplies and positively affects your life in many ways such as a sense of accomplishment, increased self-esteem, improvement in health problems and a sense that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to…and then some!

Your goals andbehavior modification dreams are a wonderful possibility.  The journey may be daunting but with a positive attitude, goals and a realistic plan of action you are on your way.  When you are negative though, the whole game stops abruptly and your old negativity can take over.  You tell yourself that you can’t or don’t think you can reach your goal so why bother trying?  However, you can take steps to get out of your negativity trap and change your manner of thinking.  Here are some strategies that work:

  1. Self-talk – You “talk” to yourself throughout the day.  You’re forming opinions, deciding what to do, and determining your self-worth.  Correct the way you think by paying close attention to your self-talk and rather than talking to yourself about what difficulties, problems and/or failures you are up against and sure to experience, focus on how much you are going to accomplish today.  Review your “written” goals and “written” plan and determine a schedule for you that will keep you from falling into negative habits.
  2. Glass Half Full – You may think those around you that look for the silver lining in every situation are annoying but deep inside, you are likely envious because these people seem to end up accomplishing more and enjoying life to its fullest.  The positive is always there waiting for you to discover it.  Don’t wallow in negative energy.  Know that you have the power to find a positive light or direction in every situation.  You can’t wait for someone else to do it for you.  Take control of your thoughts and think glass half full rather than half empty.  You will be amazed at what will follow.
  3. Decrease Your Stress – Easier said than done!  However, remember that negativity arises out of stressful situations.  Focus on how to streamline your life and decrease the number of stressful situations you are involved in.  This may cause you to say “no” at times.  This is ok – especially during the early stages until you have your negative ways turned into positive ones.
  4. Pause/Then Act – When faced with a difficult situation, give yourself time to think and consider the best actions.  This includes pausing before you speak your mind.  If you slow down, consider your possible actions (not reactions), you will generally make a wise choice and be able to turn a negative situation into a positive one.
  5. Focus on Your Strengths – Affirm the good in yourself and what you do.  Sometimes we can go an entire day, week or month without positive feedback but that doesn’t mean you aren’t worthwhile or doing a good job.  You know yourself best.  Write down these positive thoughts/accomplishments and review them every day.  Your mind is a very powerful thing!  If you continuously nurture it with positivity, you can’t help but become more positive.