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The Truth About Meal Replacements

get it and keep itYou’ve no doubt heard us say it before – Meal replacements play an important role in weight loss for many people. But, are you aware that studies show individuals who use meal replacements are much more successful in both weight loss and long-term weight maintenance? You may be wondering…What do we consider meal replacements? For those of you who don’t already know, meal replacements include bars, beverages and entrees.

Research shows that 74% of individuals using meal replacements with at least one meal of regular food lost and maintained 5% of their initial body weight compared to 33% of those on a reduced calorie diet with their own selected foods. That is a considerable difference.

There are several reasons why meal replacements are so effective in weight loss and maintenance. They are portion-controlled which gives individuals visual re-education, the calories are calculated correctly, food decisions are simplified, they are convenient and easily accessible, they are already prepared in most cases, they contain improved nutrition and with a variety of flavors offered…and they taste good!

The cost of meal replacements also makes them a good choice. In a recent study, dieters who used meal replacements actually reduced their overall food costs from baseline. The USDA found that the average American spends at least $100 weekly on regular food. With 5 meal replacements taken daily over a period of one week, here at CFWLS, it would only cost you around $90.

Improvements associated with meal replacements include improved fasting glucose, total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, blood pressure, triglycerides and insulin.

Evidence is strong that substituting 1-2 meals and/or snacks daily with meal replacements is a great strategy for successful weight loss and maintenance especially for those of you have difficulty with portion control. Come visit our store or shop online – you will be surprised by the variety of delicious choices and how affordable products are (especially with your reward points).   Shop online!


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