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The Ups and Downs of Your Weight Loss program–Don’t quit!

This week we’re doing the Christmas and New Year’s weigh ins!  Even though most of our team gained weight, they are still hanging in there.  So should you!

Don't give up when the scale moves up instead of down!

12/27/10–I had a nice Christmas but I was terrible – up 2.7.  Mostly water weight I know – I feel terrible.  Mentally and physically about this.  I feel like a bloated toad.  I know what I have to do, I just have to do it.
1/4/11–This week I am down 1.3 pounds.  This is a true Christmas miracle and totally undeserved.  I am however starting again, New Year, fresh start.  For the first time I am doing this with my Husband.  This is actually very encouraging for me.  It will be very helpful for us to both be on the same page.  I will be able to get rid of all of those carbs in the cupboard that I just can’t seem to resist.  I am motivated!

12/27/10–Just a little “blip” …….. On December 27th, I was down to 111.8!   That was down four pounds since the beginning (November)…..I was really happy and excited that after Christmas I had still lost……
1/4/11–However, this Monday (Jan 3rd), I was up 1.5 lbs, this was brought on by, bottom line, a snowball of eating on New Year’s weekend.  It seems like every time Jeff and I have a date, it’s Italian (our favorite comfort food), which is how we celebrated New Years Eve, again bread, pasta, wine…..need I say more?  Still yet, I have not been up to the original weight  (115.8) since November, so I guess I’ll take the little bit of weight loss, and consider the New Year being a great start!   I feel ready to work hard and stay focused!  Let’s see what the New Year brings!

12/27/10 UP 1.9 ouch
1/4/11 up another 1.1 Total holiday gain 3lbs I think I went crazy on the carbs during the holidays I munched all day long and I think the holiday spirits (adult beverages) did help ….. New Year, New Beginning!

12/27/10 I’ll admit it, I had a great Holiday with family and friends.  I was up 2.9 pounds.  You know how we all have a “panic” weight – well, I am there!  I have tried not to beat myself up but I am determined to lose this and get to my goal.  New Years will be a challenge but I will at least maintain or try to lose a little weight.  I know what I want but I am not mentally prepared to make it happen yet.
1/3/11 OK, although I had some “last suppers” over the weekend, I was down 0.5 pounds – Woo Hoo!  I am finally mentally ready to put Weight Management University to work for me.  I have buckled down and done three easy things right off the bat – eat slower and enjoy every bite, increase my water intake and think before I put anything into my mouth.  Next step – set realistic goals and get back on track with journaling – did you know that people who journal lose and estimated 50% more weight than those that don’t – now that is significant!

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