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Losing It CFWLS- Renewing your commitment

Don’t quit, even though it seems like an uphill battle!

Sometimes during a weight loss program, you just get tired.  Tired of watching what you eat, tired of exercising each day and tired of thinking about your body all the time.  That’s when you start sneaking a snack, or skipping an exercise class, or just thinking that you don’t want to do this anymore.

That’s also where we come in.  Talking about renewing your commitment to lose weight, writing down your goals again, and listening to what our professionals say can help you feel MOTIVATED to keep on trying.  All of our “losers” talk about really buckling down in today’s update, even though some of them have leveled off or gained over the holidays.

Dawn’s Update:

Okay – I’m beginning to see a definite pattern here – but it looks like a zigzag and that doesn’t look good on me!  I’m going to ask Dr. Clark to take a look at my blood results and give me a target for my calories, carbs & proteins~

Karol’s Story:

I am psyched!  I lost 2.4 pounds this week.  I have finally wrapped my brain around my decision to lose 15 pounds.  I had to mentally prepare after the holidays and I am tired of my clothes feeling “snug” and also not feeling my best.  I am full force into “Weight Management University” and committed to making the changes that will last a lifetime…not just a few months.

To get me off to a great start, I am doing Dr. Clark’s Enhanced Jump Start Diet.  It’s really simple.  I have done it before and lost about 10 pounds in two weeks (the motivation I need to keep going).  Dr. Clark did it for the same two weeks (we did it together) and lost 22 pounds!  Arghhh – what is it about men and weight loss J.  At any rate, we both exercised regularly but I “fell off the wagon” a bit and he has made it a permanent lifestyle.

Realization this week – during weight loss, you can’t diet part-time.  You need to do it full-time.  Left to my own devices, I’m not losing weight but with the Weight Management University and my jump start, I am confident I will be where I want within 10 weeks.  I can’t wait!

Dani’s News:

This week I am basically maintaining.  I am up .1.  Have been sticking to the program during the day, carbs at night!

Will keep trying.

Cat’s Insight:

Hello, just a little update.  Unfortunately, my weight was the same this week,  as it was last week……I say unfortunately, but I guess I should be happy that I maintained since I wasn’t completely on board.  On Monday, I feel I have a new  “state of mind” in that I have re-started my exercise routine.  I am exercising 10 minutes each morning and evening, and adding a trip to the gym during the day.  In addition to this, I have re-started journaling, which I know is very important to keep myself “honest”.

I’m looking forward to being a healthy role model for our clients.

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