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Losing it Hampton RoadsThis week most of our “Loser’s” lost.  While some are gung-ho, and others are successful, some are really struggling.  Weight loss is not easy, and takes work. But it is easier with the support of Dr. Clark and his staff.   Please join our campaign, Losing it Hampton Roads, for support and GREAT information about YOUR weight loss journey.  Take YOUR first step today!

Karol’s Update:

Well – I have lost another 2.5 pounds for a total of 5 pounds!  You gotta love Dr. Clark’s Enhanced Jump Start Diet! This rapid weight loss over the past 1.5 weeks is great and motivating.  I am 1/3 of the way toward my 15 pound weight loss goal and I will do it.  After I have completed the Enhanced Jump Start Diet (and lost the 8-10 pounds I intended to), I will follow the Weight Management University instruction to reach my goal and make my poor habits (I drink too much Diet Coke, I don’t exercise regularly, I eat well and then binge on poor choices…and then feel terrible afterwards) into opportunities for success (cutting back or eliminating my Diet Coke intake, finding an exercise plan I can live with long-term and committing to a satisfying meal plan of at least 100 grams of protein a day and <50 grams of carbs/day that I enjoy without feeling deprived).

Did you catch the Webinar last night?  If you are a member of the free program Losing It Hampton Roads you likely did or will receive the link today to see it as soon as you can fit it into your busy schedule – do it soon though – you will be glad you did (it is the cornerstone – Things to do Right Now to Lose Weight).  If you haven’t joined this awesome free program, do it now at – all the information is free and the 30 minute webinars with Dr. Clark are well worth your time.

Dawn’s Story:

I seem to be working that same zigzag pattern (down .4) – more down than up but still not the slide I was hoping would happen.  Yes, I know what to do but I am not sure my why is working for me!  I am going to start again today by re-examining my goals and motivation. If my reason for wanting this isn’t enough – I need to find a more important focus! Back to the “Getting Started” chapter & homework.

Cat’s News:

I’m down 1.5 lbs. this week.  This has been a slow process, however, I’ve truly been trying to make this a lifestyle change, and not necessarily a “diet”.  My “mind-set” has been meeting my goal over a  six month period.  This way hopefully my behavior will become “natural”.  I’m doing this by using quite a few of the CFWLS products.  My favorite being a chocolate “anytime” shake, with 1 ½ scoop of “lean & complete” for breakfast, and also at lunch, in between, I snack on almonds, and sometimes string cheese.  In the evening, Jeff and I for the most part have healthy dinners to include grilled meat, along with a yummy salad. So far, I am down 4.3 lbs. since my original weigh-in in November!

Dani’s Insight:

I am doing terrible, up 2 pounds.  When searching for an excuse, I have changed blood pressure medications and stopped the HCTZ.  But still, I am giving minimal effort?????  I hate myself for this, I know only I can make these changes – stop whining Dani!!

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