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When It Comes to Weight Loss Surgery – You Want Dr. Clark and the Center for Weight Loss Success

Dr. Thomas W. Clark and Allen FabijanMeet Allen Fabijan – you may already know him as ‘Some Guy Named Allen’ from US106.1. What you may not know, is Allen chose weight loss surgery as a tool to help him improve his health and quality of life.

Allen has recently completed Weight Management University for Weight Loss Surgery™ here at Dr. Clark’s Center for Weight Loss Success.  He has lost over 130 pounds since he began his journey to lose weight and improve his health. Join him as he shares his struggles and successes along the way!

“I found Dr. Clark through a recommendation.  My boss at the radio station said he had a friend who lost a lot of weight, looks great, and he seems healthy.  ‘You need to go figure out what he did.  Go talk to him’.  The company said they would support me in any way they could. They probably wanted me to keep making them money, keep me around, alive a little bit longer.  I’m glad they sat me down and talked with me.’

“I had been to other doctors in the area that offer the same types of services.  The thing with Dr. Clark was the consultation was completely different.  It was really about who I was and what I needed and I didn’t feel like I was just another person being shoveled through a surgery line. The other major thing with Dr. Clark’s program was the ability to catch a webinar or to pull up a video or to get information on my schedule and my time. This was huge for me because I might have a question at 2:00 a.m. after returning from some event that I need answered. The information is there any time I need it.  I can access it.  That really helped push me over the edge”.

“I live in Virginia Beach and Dr. Clark is in Newport News but it’s never been a problem.  It’s been easy because if I need anything there’s some virtual, digital, or e-mails system or program that I can access from anywhere I am at any time.  I was in Nashville and trying to figure out something to eat. I went to the CFWLS website and something popped up so I had to go try it. So it’s great.  That’s what pushed me over to the edge to go with CFWLS.”

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