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Back in the Groove

Thanksgiving weekend is behind us. No matter how you strayed, don’t wait to return to your healthy eating plan — every day you put it off makes it harder to get back on track. Here are their tips for making the transition a successful one.

Reclaim your spot!

Reclaim your spot!

Don’t avoid the scale
Go straight back to weighing in — get right back in the groove.

Commit, plan and journal
Make the promise to yourself before you even take the first steps. Then make grocery lists, prepare healthy snacks and meals, and write down every bite.

Get up and move

Exercise is not only a way to speed up the loss of pounds put back on, it will also improve your mental outlook.

I find that after a day (or, let’s be honest, a week or more!) of being out of control, it’s important to try to exercise first thing in the morning.   If I just make myself get out and take a 20 minute walk around the neighborhood, I am more motivated almost instantly. Early morning exercise wakes up my body and makes me feel like being healthier all day.

Think about the big picture
Weight gain over a vacation will not undo every bit of success you’ve had, so look at the big picture and move forward.

Sometimes the focus shifts from losing the weight to learning how to maintain. That means accepting the various ups and downs along the way. There will always be vacations and parties and holidays. We all need to learn how to enjoy these (without the guilt) and to get right back on plan to prevent the inevitable downward spiral that happens when we give up on ourselves and our goals.

Prepare for next time
The best advice I have for you is to not stray in the first place.

Christmas and New Years will bring on more temptations but by planning for these obstacles, you can & will succeed in making your weight loss goals!

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