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Turkey and Dressing with Gravy

turkey and dressing

Low Carb Turkey and Dressing with Gravy

Leftover Turkey?  No Problem! Our turkey and dressing recipe is quick & easy~


2 packets Protein Cream of Chicken Soup Mix

6 oz. turkey breast, cooked and sliced

1 slice high fiber wheat bread

1 tbls. minced onion

Dash of ground sage

1/2 cup hot water


Toast bread, then crumble.

Dilute 1 packet of soup with 1/4 cup water. Season with a dash of sage and stir in onions. Combine with bread crumbs and place in bottom of oven safe dish, layer turkey on top. Mix remaining soup with 1/4 cup water, adding more water if necessary, and pour over turkey. Microwave or bake until hot.

Serves 2

Nutrition Facts: (per serving)

Calories 197

Fat 3g

Carbohydrates 4g

Protein 39g

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