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6 Exercise Excuses That Don’t Stand Up!

start todayWe all live busy, hectic lives and it’s a struggle to fit everything into one day. So, we have to make sacrifices on a daily basis. After working 8 hours, taking care of the kids, and doing yard work, who has time for exercise? YOU DO! Do you fabricate excuses for not working out? You need to make the time and develop the habit. It only takes about three weeks to form a habit, and then it will become integrated into your daily schedule. Making time for fitness is crucial to your health, well-being, and longevity.

Our Personal Trainers hear it all and these are the most common “I can’t exercise” excuses we get from clients:

  1. No Time:   Squeezing in 30 minutes of exercise should be feasible: over lunchtime, before work, or by skipping one of your TV shows. No one has time. You either have to MAKE the time, or deal with the consequences later when you’re faced with obesity related diseases.
  2. It’s Boring: Find something enjoyable and physically challenging. Bring a friend/spouse along, listen to motivating music, watch T.V., or study.
  3. Hate Gyms/Not Convenient:   A gym is not compulsory in order to get in shape. Use a neighborhood pool, walk/jog in the neighborhood, walk up and down stairs, jump on a trampoline, or use an exercise video.
  4. I Always Give Up Because I Never See Results: Are you exercising out of your comfort zone? Are you including strength/resistance training? Exercising at least three times a week? Maybe you’re not getting enough sleep, are overly-stressed, or have hormonal issues. You can’t  underestimate all the wonderful benefits of regular exercise. There are positive changes happening in your body that you can’t necessarily see.
  5. I’m Going To Start Exercising As Soon As…………. It’s like having your first child, there’s never going to be the absolute perfect time. There will always be excuses. Life is always going to get in the way. The time is NOW.
  6. Too Many Aches and Pains: Lack of exercise may be the CAUSE of your aches and pains. Exercise helps keep off the excess weight that exacerbates painful joints. And regular workouts are a great way to treat and prevent lower back pain.

If you’re working out regularly and consistently, keep it up. If not, what are your excuses? Make your health a priority and you’ll feel better physically and mentally.


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