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Update: Week four of “Losing it CFWLS!”

We're not afraid of weighing in!

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Dawn’s update:  Good news! I’m down almost a pound – hauling around all of the Christmas décor boxes must have been a good workout. ~Still going with the Jump Start My Way and have replaced the Weight & Inches with the Lean & Complete using 3 scoops.  I am planning on following through with a lab request from Penny and have my blood analyzed since it is a part of the program – It’s been a few years and I’m curious to see what the numbers have done.

Dani’s story: A few thoughts about my weight loss this week.  This was a challenging week, busy with all of the Thanksgiving cooking, surrounded by wonderful carbs.  My weight was up .9 pounds the problems began not on Thanksgiving Day but afterwards with the leftovers. I did feel empowered and somewhat in control and actually had two shakes on Thanksgiving.  This did give me more control, I did not “pick” at all while cooking.

Shawn’s thoughts:I have now lost 10.3 pounds!  Made it through Thanksgiving and it was so yummy.  Thank god!!!!!! I lost .5 (half of a pound) I was hoping to maintain but a half a pound gone makes me a happy girl 🙂

Cat’s inputMonday following a four day weekend, Thanksgiving ta’boot,  even though I gained .7 lb, I had already decided not to be too hard on myself.  I felt that I had been pretty conscious of my decisions (lacking Thanksgiving Day)….we stayed in a Hotel for two days that had a gym, and I even used it!  Therefore, just trying to stay on track, and make up for the little bit I gained, by “losing” this week!

Karol’s news: Well, I certainly know that even if I just follow the instruction I receive at CFWLS and journal, I will lose weight rapidly – I saw that with my 4 pounds lost the first 2 weeks.  Unfortunately, I went back to old, comfortably and yummy habits and gained 3 back.  The hard thing is changing habits (eating on the run, stress eating, making excuses for not exercising).  The chapters of Weight Management University and 1:1 counseling help.  I saw success (-0.4 lbs) this week but of course, it is never enough.  I have to also slow down and savor these successes, realize where I went wrong and plan for future success.  This is life changing and I am committed to replacing my poor habits with new ones that get me healthier, in better shape and last this time.  I am the queen of yo yo dieting and I really want to break that habit.

Starkisha insight:  I really enjoyed the Thanksgiving Holiday, however I gained about a pound so I’m not that happy about that. I know where I went wrong and it’s time to get back on track.

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