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Keep it Simple…DeStress Your Next 10 Days

Posted on December 21, 2015 by

yoga_tree_poseIn a few days we’ll be celebrating Christmas! The abundance of special events and family visits  can add tremendous stress to your already busy life. Although there’s good and bad stress, your body doesn’t differentiate between the two. Therefore, it reacts similarly to all stress, taking a toll on your body in many ways including weight gain. The key is to enjoy what you can without creating more stress.

I would like to explore how to simplify life, delegate tasks, and leave out superfluous stuff; preventing added stress in the first place. Start by making yourself and your health a priority. Consider SIMPLIFYING your life by not taking on extra work at home or on the job. If you don’t have time to make that pumpkin pie for the school banquet, pick up one at the grocery store – no one will mind. Contemplate staying home instead of traveling.  And, less is more when it comes to holiday decorations.

Take-charge, type-A personalities struggle with the notion of DELEGATING tasks to others. It’s crucial for your mental and physical health to learn to let go and ask for assistance. Let the kids help decorate and cook.  It helps them feel involved and it allows you to re-charge your batteries.
Make a list and prioritize things. Try not to over-commit your time. My day is not complete without exercise. I look at it like a hobby. Exercise is a priority I absolutely can’t LEAVE OUT. Decide what you can safely leave out in order to reduce stress: a club function, a co-worker’s Pampered Chef party, luncheon with your buddies, school holiday play, etc…

We want you to start the new year feeling positive and confidant, as opposed to overwhelmed with stress. Simplify, delegate, and leave out the things that increase your stress. We appreciate and support all of you who have walked through our doors and wish you continued success in 2016! As most of you have heard me say many times, “Remember, it’s your life, make it a healthy one.”

Quick (and EASY) Ways to Stay on Track

Posted on December 14, 2015 by

christmas_runHere at CFWLS we want you to be as stress-free as possible! However, with all of life’s pressures, stress will be inevitable and unavoidable. Don’t allow the commotion and distractions of the Holidays to de-rail your new, improved eating habits and consistent exercise program. There are conceivable ways of fitting in quick meals and workouts even on the busiest of days.
Here are examples of squeezing fitness into a hectic day:
1. PEDOMETER: 10,000 steps a day equal 5 miles. Even if you’re unable to hit the gym, actively moving your body throughout the day can help you reach your goal of 10,000 steps.
2. BREAK IT UP: It’s perfectly fine to break up your workouts during the day. Get out of bed just 15 minutes early to work out. Then, exercise 15 minutes later in the day.
3. TABATA: A form of HITT (High Intensity Interval Training). Tabata is a very effective way to get a powerful workout in a condensed time. It’s 8 rounds of high intensity exercise for 20 seconds with a 10 second break. Repeat several rounds depending on your time constraints. You can choose whatever exercises you like as long as they challenge you. Use modifications if necessary. For example:

20 seconds jumping jacks/ 10 second rest 20 seconds squats /10 second rest
20 seconds push-ups / 10 second rest 20 seconds high knees/ 10 second rest

Here are examples of Quick Protein Meals when time is not your friend: (From our Nutrition Store)
1. SHAKES: Quick and easy if you’re on-the-go (29 grams Protein).
2. SOUPS: Warm yourself up with one of our microwaveable soups (23 grams Protein).
3. VEGETABLE CHILI: Hearty and delicious (15 grams Protein).
4. BEEF STROGANOF: A yummy microwaveable meal (23 grams Protein).
If you’d rather make a home-cooked meal but are strapped for time, go to Pinterest on our website for some great quick protein meals. For example, parmesan crusted broiled flounder (less than 20 minutes from start to finish). Or, crustless quiche which can be used for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, is a popular choice.
It may be necessary to take shortcuts in order to fit in all the shopping, parties, and holiday events. But you CAN do it without sabotaging your weight loss efforts. Enjoy the Holidays. Merry Christmas!

Healthy Holiday Tips

Posted on December 07, 2015 by

healthy-holidaysMost of you know me as a pretty quiet guy.  Although this is true, I still like to attend parties with friends/family.  I am a firm believer in working hard…and playing hard.  When you attend parties, you should focus on the “fun” aspect and not the “fear” aspect of how you may end up derailing your best weight loss efforts and have regrets the next day.  Here’s my “do’s and don’ts” for attending holiday parties with confidence and no diet regrets:

1. Don’t go to parties because you have to…Do go because you want to.  There’s a big  difference and you have a choice.  Surround yourself with the people you love.  If excess baggage comes along with the ones you love…minimize your exposure…I know – easier said than done sometimes!

2. Don’t go to parties hungry…Do have a bottle of water before you attend and a healthy snack such as cheese wrapped in turkey, handful of almonds or a protein bar before you get there so you are not ravenous.

3. Don’t eat the first items you see…Do take the time to peruse what’s on the buffet table and determine which have the highest quality protein (beef, chicken, shrimp, cheese, fish) and select these first.  Combining these choices with your pre-party snack can fill you up so that other temptations don’t bother you so much.

4. Don’t exclude items you desire this time of the year…Do take a very small portion of them so that you can avoid feeling deprived and move on.

5. Don’t be a wallflower…Do mingle and talk with others.  If your mouth is busy talking, it is harder to keep if full chewing and swallowing.

6. Don’t drink excessively…Do have a drink if you desire.  Too much alcohol isn’t good…period.  It also lowers your resistance to “go wild” and sabotage yourself which is sure to cause regret.

7. Don’t select your spot for fun right near the food…Do mingle around and settle in a location where you can talk with everyone but not have food ‘staring you down’.

8. Most importantly, relax and have fun.  Try to take a deep breath as the stress begins and focus on enjoying this time as much as possible and those you may not get to see on a regular basis.

Enjoy this holiday season!  From our family to yours…Merry Christmas and Cheers to a Healthy New Year!

Benefit from Giving Back

Posted on November 23, 2015 by

fall pathThe 6 weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s are often filled with parties, events and get-togethers. Friends, family and co-workers fill your days and evenings with non-stop activity. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, keep reading, you are in the right place. Dr. Clark and the staff at CFWLS always have great advice!

However, this busyness can also act as a reminder of the lack of family close-by or the loss of friends with which to celebrate the season. If this sounds familiar, don’t give in to depression. There is a strong correlation between feeling socially connected and happiness so step out of your comfort zone this year and volunteer or get involved with a group that does charitable work over the holidays.

Giving back is guaranteed to lift your spirits and warm your heart. There are so many organizations that count on volunteers to help out during the holidays. Contact the Peninsula Food Pantry or the American Red Cross to see what the needs are in your area.

Look inside yourself for all that you DO have. Make a mental list of 3 things you are thankful for – better yet, write it down. Continually recognizing the positive in your life is uplifting! Is there someone else you can thank for any of those good things? Send him or her a quick email and let them know! It will make their day and will probably put a smile on your face too. Reach out and connect with those that make you feel good.

It’s not necessary to personally know an individual to benefit from positive interaction. A genuine compliment to a complete stranger can do the trick. Try it – he or she will walk away with a bit more confidence and may pass along the kindness to someone else. It’s a bit like a virus that way – it’s contagious!

At the end of each day, review the good in it. There is plenty in life to appreciate! When you reflect back on this holiday season, let it be filled with memories of giving back.

Give Thanks & Have a blessed Christmas season!

8 Tips to Keep You Healthy into the Holidays

Posted on November 16, 2015 by

young beautiful snowboarderThe days are shorter and yet your pace is picking up—that can only mean one thing—the holidays are rapidly approaching! They bring family, friends, and fun but all of that togetherness can mean a bit more exposure to colds & flu. (About 1 billion cases of the common cold happen annually in the US and many are during the winter months). These viruses are unpredictable and vary in severity from year to year. While over-the-counter medicines can relieve some of the symptoms like sore throat, cough, and congestion, the best medicine is prevention! Use some of these ideas to help stay healthy & happy during the coming months:

1. Eat Protein-Rich Foods that help your body build and maintain strength. Limit the starchy snacks and desserts that send your blood-sugar soaring but leave you
2. Eat on a regular schedule whenever possible. This will help to keep your energy levels balanced and provide you with the will-power to avoid those cookie plates.
3. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water. Put them under the water for 15-20 seconds. Keep hand sanitizer in your car or desk.
4. Get plenty of water every day. 64 or more ounces of water will help keep your energy levels up and your body running smoothly. It keeps the tissues of the respiratory system moist and flushes out toxins.
5. Treat yourself to a massage! It helps you relax and de-stress while increasing your circulation which boosts immunity.
6. Get to bed on time. 7-8 hours of sleep each night will help your body to stimulate an immune response to attack viruses.
7. Hit the gym. Keep your workouts to a moderate level to improve immune function. Long, arduous workouts can undermine the immune system and place you at risk.
8/ Take your vitamins. Cat & Tina can point out the Anti-Oxidant Vitamin Pack. It’s an excellent choice this time of year. Antioxidants protect the body against stress and inflammation. We have a new Vitamin C tablet in the store as well and offers additional protection from viruses.

There is no cure for the flu or common cold, but keeping ourselves fit and healthy is crucial in preventing it. Stay healthy and enjoy the holidays!

PLAN to be Healthy for the Holidays!

Posted on November 02, 2015 by

Over the next two months Americans will be celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas, two wonderful holidays that I’m personally fond of. We’re able to spend quality time with family, take vacations, and appreciate everything that goes with this time of year. However exciting and magical, the holidays often threaten to sabotage the weight loss efforts of even the most disciplined folks. It’s not just about resisting weight gain but also the old habits that originally caused the weight to get out of hand. Remember how hard you worked to get the weight off and don’t give in to temptation. Strive to stay on track and begin 2016 feeling healthy.

There are plenty of ways to avert some of the typical winter health problems and keep up with your workout routine throughout the busy days. It’s challenging but can be accomplished with a little planning. By planning ahead and being prepared we can avoid weight gain, ward off the flu, and maintain our activity level.

I’m committed to living a healthy lifestyle but I struggle during the holidays just like everyone else. We have to let the focus be about family, not food. There are several ways to avoid holiday weight gain:
1. More protein, less carbohydrates. Most of my patients need to stay under 60g effective carbs a day.
2. Before you eat, ask yourself the following questions: Why am I eating? Am I still hungry?
3. At parties, use utensils and avoid finger food. Use small plates and always leave a little bit of food on your plate so no one will urge you to eat more. Avoid standing while you eat.
4. Don’t skip breakfast as your metabolism slows overnight.
5. Weigh yourself regularly so you’re aware if the scale starts creeping up.
6. Commit to exercising every day – no excuses! Just 20 minutes a day is sufficient. You’ll sleep better and be able to handle stress more effectively.
7. Relax and try to enjoy this time. Constant stress will cause you to make bad food choices and release cortisol, leading to more weight gain.
8. Drink at least 64 ounces of water and avoid alcoholic beverages and juices.

We have delicious, protein-rich recipes on our website and social media sites as well as a free down-loadable recipe booklet using products from our store. Our experienced personal trainers and fitness instructors can assist you with your fitness routines. Remember that weight gain can lead to disease. Stay focused, plan ahead, and resist temptation so you can avoid the holiday weight gain.

It’s your life. Make it a healthy one!

Do Your Weight Loss Goals Make The Grade?

Posted on October 19, 2015 by

ultimate goalWeight-loss goals can mean the difference between success and failure.  Well-planned weight loss goals provide a plan that keeps you focused and motivated.  Poorly planned goals, on the other hand, are unrealistic and almost impossible to achieve.  If you set unrealistic goals, you will probably end up frustrated and discouraged and decide to quit all your efforts to lose weight.  These tips will help you create well-planned weight loss goals that will have you on the path to weight loss success:

  1. Begin by breaking down one big goal into a series of smaller ones. Having one big goal can be overwhelming, especially if you have a lot of weight to lose.  Take small steps to meet your main goal and you will be more likely to succeed because small goals are more manageable.  Consider short-term goals as stepping stones to reaching long-term goals.
  2.  Be willing to change your goals as you progress. You may find that your smaller goals are not challenging enough and you may need to adjust them as you adapt to your new lifestyle.  Review your goals each week, think about what worked and what didn’t and make new goals accordingly.
  3.  Set goals that take your personal capabilities into consideration. Take your schedule, fitness level and health into consideration, and your goals will be more achievable.
  4.   Make sure that your weight loss goals are realistic. Don’t expect rapid weight loss. Safe weight loss is usually around 2 pounds each week. This means that you will need to burn about an extra 1,000 calories each day.  You can do this by cutting back the calories and adding extra activity into your life every day.
  5.  Focus on changing your habits. Changing your habits and making a lifestyle change is the key to successful weight loss.  Focus on the process of change and not on the outcome.
  6.  Identify potential setbacks. By recognizing potential setbacks beforehand, you can brainstorm strategies that will help you to overcome them and keep you on track.  Setbacks are normal and most of us have experienced them.
  7.  Write down your goals. You will be more successful if you write down all the details of your goals.  It will help to make you more aware of your expectations, give you more accountability and serve as a great reference tool as to what works and what doesn’t.
  8.  Timing can make the difference between success and failure. Timing is crucial.  You may need to look at your life and resolve some issues first. Make sure that other stressors such as work and personal life are as calm as you can make them.  Don’t start a weight loss plan and a new job at the same time. Once you have chosen a starting date to lose weight – don’t put it off!

At Dr. Clark’s Center for Weight Loss Success you will learn that goals need to be SMART – meaning that they need to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound.  Set your personal goals and get started!  You’ll find that realistic and well-planned goals will help you have a more successful weight loss program.


Sweet Dreams – Get a Good Night Sleep

Posted on October 12, 2015 by

A good night’s sleep may be something you only dream about (no pun intended). This can be extremely frustrating! If you suffer from poor sleep, you likely know the common problems this causes such as fatigue, inability to concentrate, low libido, headaches and irritability. However, from a weight loss perspective, there is a lot more going on when you don’t get a good 7-9 hours of sleep each night.
Studies show that lack of proper sleep may put you at risk for weight gain and the development of obesity. As a quick summary, it contributes to higher levels of ghrelin (which stimulates your hunger), lower levels of leptin (which suppresses your appetite), increased evening concentrations of cortisol (which promotes the development of insulin resistance – a risk factor for obesity and diabetes). Thus, lack of adequate sleep seems to be related to an increase in hunger and appetite, and possibly to obesity. In fact, according to a pasat study, people who sleep less than six hours a day were almost 30 percent more likely to become obese than those who slept seven to nine hours.
So how can you get a good night’s sleep?  3 strategies that will help you do just that are: routine, exercise and helpful supplements.
As my wife and children can attest, I am a very “routine” oriented guy. In fact, that’s a common trait among many surgeons (which is really important when it comes to our expertise in the operating room). Not only does this help in the field of medicine, it helps me personally to get a good night’s sleep (except when duty calls at work or at home). No matter when I get home, I make sure I have had a good work-out that day. I follow the same adequate protein/controlled carbohydrate way of eating that we teach our patients. I complete any additional work that needs to be done and do everything I can to have completed my evening regime so I am quietly reading by 9:30pm (I love to read) and lights out around 10 or 10:30pm. For me, this routine helps me get a good night’s sleep and studies show that an evening routine along with the following tips will help you get a good night’s sleep:
1. Set a regular sleep schedule (I know this is hard but just give it a try).
2. Create your own relaxing bedtime routine (read a book or magazine, take a warm bath, listen to music, stretch, make your plan and simple preparations for the next day)
3. Eat right (follow the guidelines set forth at CFWLS and exercise
4. Make sure you have a comfortable bed and pillow
5. Keep your bedroom cool with few distractions
6. Consider having your hormones checked (you can do this easily at CFWLS or Center for Hormone Health and Wellness (
7. Consider evening supplements
Yes – sleep is that important! It’s time to feel your best so you are ready to conquer the day – no matter what your age.

Summer is (un)Officially Over – It’s Time to get Back on Track!

Posted on September 14, 2015 by

The kids are settled back in school, summer cruises with all-you-can-eat buffets are a not-so-distant memory, garden cucumbers and peppers have ceased production, and cooler weather is on the way. Personally, I couldn’t be happier that summer has passed ( along with the mosquitos) and Autumn is around the corner. Fall is a breathtaking time a year, full of brilliant colors. It’s a perfect time to take long, purposeful walks.

“One’s greatest challenge is to control oneself.” (Kazi Shams).

How far off track did YOU get over the summer? It’s time to get back on that wellness track: healthy eating, consistent exercise, and regular sleep patterns. Getting back to a healthy routine will be especially beneficial when faced with the temptations of the upcoming holidays.

CFWLS mobile appThe first step is to get on the scale and assess the damages. Weigh at least once a week to avoid surprises. Body fat and lean body mass are critical percentages to track. The higher lean body mass is, the faster your metabolism is, which leads to weight loss. Be sure to enter your weights into your CFWLS Mobile app each time!

Back to Journaling! Be aware of how many calories you’re consuming. Along with calories, carefully track Carbohydrates and Protein. Surgical patients should keep carbs at 50 grams and medical patients should consume about 50-60. Your CFWLS Mobile app can take care of that too!

CFWLS Weight and Inches Chocolate Protein ShakeOur Weight & Inches shakes are a tasty and effective means of losing the unwanted inches from summer. Filled with vitamins and minerals, 29 grams Protein, and only 200 calories, they make a perfect meal replacement.

Plan ahead by preparing meals the day before. Prepare enough supper to provide leftovers for lunch the next day. Bringing a packed lunch to work will avoid temptations such as fast food or co-workers’ birthday cupcakes. Fill up on protein which will keep you satisfied longer than carbohydrates (which break down more rapidly in your system).

Don’t forget to take your Vitamins for a strong immune system, increased energy, synthesis of hormones and more! Our Lipo-B injections can help give you energy and burn fat. We’re offering a great deal this month. Only $70 for 4 injections (Call 757.873.1880 to purchase)!

walking_feetExercise not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude, and your mood.  Walking up and down hills at Busch Gardens on the 4th of July, and floating around the Hubba Hubba Highway at Water Country on Labor Day burned some calories, but it’s essential to incorporate movement into EVERY day. 10,000 steps, or 5 miles, a day is an attainable goal. Exercise will increase lean body mass, making weight loss easier. Even 15 minutes a day will make a positive difference.

Sleep deficiency is linked to numerous, chronic health maladies. It can lead to obesity due to increases of blood sugar. Proper sleep fosters creativity, memory, and proper growth and development. Cooler temperatures are more conducive to a good night’s sleep.

Watermelon is a refreshing and popular summer fruit. 92% of watermelon is water, which makes it a good choice to aid in hydration. However WATER is the best option to stay hydrated. Other drinks or fruits can add unwanted calories, carbs, and sugar. The average person should consume 64 ounces of water a day.

“He who fails to plan is planning to fail.” (Winston Churchill).

Success should be a habit, not a goal. Make it a habit to eat right, exercise, and sleep well. It’s time to get back on track and put the summer behind you.

Change It Up When You Hit A Weight Loss Plateau

Posted on September 14, 2015 by

changeSuccess is a great thing but it is a rare person who doesn’t experience a plateau somewhere along the way.  You likely know how frustrating that can be!  Plateaus can kill your motivation, so the first thing you need to do is to take your focus off the scale. Your body is highly adaptive and goes through periods of adjustment. This would be a good time to concentrate on your behaviors and use alternative ways to measure your progress (i.e. your measurements or how your clothes are fitting).  If you hang in there, you will find that your inches will continue to shrink in spite of your weight staying stubbornly at the same number.  Just remember the word CHANGE.  You will need to “change it up” to work through your plateau.

With regards to what you are eating, below are a few quick “change” tips for continued success:

  • Change the frequency of your meals.  If you are currently eating 3 meals a day, save some of those calories for snacks in between meals and give your metabolic rate a boost.
  • Try to change what you are eating.  If you are having a carbohydrate snack mid-afternoon, try replacing it with a protein one and try moving your foods around and introducing new ones.
  • Surprise your body with calorie cycling.  While maintaining the same weekly calorie intake, vary it from day to day.  For example, if your daily intake is 1500 calories, try having 1200 one day and 1800 the next.

Combine these eating tips with the right attitude and fitness “change”, you will be happy as the scale soon reflects your efforts.